Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick n Dirty PC Generation for My New Home Game

Roughly LotFP-based, except race and class are separate, non-fighters progress (slowly) in combat, and magic is this system. Players are new to D&D or haven't played in a long time, so I'm keeping things simple. I'm compiling this for me, but hey, why not share?

1. 3d6 in order (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha); you may swap one. Then derive Power score (highest two of Int, Wis, Cha -28).

Ability Score Modifier
3                          –3 
4–5                      –2 
6–8                      –1
9–12                     0 
13–15                  +1 
16–17                  +2
18                        +3 

2. Choose race:

-Normal Human (no adjustments)

-Vesperblood (humans with ancestors who interbred with magical beings, requires +200 times level XP to progress in level over normal humans in class; IE +200 for level 2, +400 for level 3, etc)
--Earthkin (+1 Con, -1 Dex, +1 on rolls related to Earth Elementals, LotFP Dwarf Architecture bonus)
--Airkin (+1 Dex, -1 Str or Con, +1 to rolls related to Air Elementals, 1/2 falling damage)
--Firekin (+1 Str or Cha, -1 Wis, +1 rolls w/Fire Elementals, 1 Dmg Resistance & +3 saves VS heat)
--Waterkin (+1 Wis or Dex, -1 Int or Str, +1 rolls w/Water Elementals, double breathing & movement in water)
--Tiefling (+1 Cha or Wis, -1 Cha or Wis, +1 rolls w/Demons/Devils, sense magic/spirits by concentrating 1 round and rolling under Int, +1 Stealth)

-Moogle (~3 ft tall anthropomorphic cat or rabbit with tiny bat wings; +1 Wis, +1 Dex, -2 Str, +1 Pow, requires +500 times level XP to advance to next)

-IronGen (~7 ft tall steamwork automaton; +2 Str, +1 Con, -2 Dex, -1 Cha, -1 Pow, LotFP Dwarf encumberance bonus, +1 Int Check to repair self with other steamworks or generally operate them)

(more races will be available if PCs make friends with them as they adventure)

3. Choose Class:
-Barbarian (Zak's Random)
-Fighter (as LotFP; I may allow Zak's Random one later if people get antsy)
-Ranger (Zak's Random)
-Specialist (as LotFP but +half level to hit round down, or Zak's Random Rogue)
-Sorcerer/Witch (+one third level to hit IE +1 at level 3; edited to state cannot wear metal armor)
Class determines HP, Saves, level progression, etc, modified by race as above

4. Choose Equipment:
Everyone in the first session is starting as a teen (age 12+1d6) in a mining town near the edge of a steam powered magitek empire. People who start later will get more adventurey equipment options.
To start: Spend 1d6x10 SP in LotFP, GP in AD&D, or roll 1d20 below until you get the same number. You can reroll duplicates that are not the same number if you want (IE if you roll a 3, then a 5, you could reroll the 5).
1. candle
2. hammer and 2d6 nails
3-5. knife
6. leather apron and goggles +2 AC
7. sturdy hat or protective mask +1 AC
8-10. Backpack
11. hatchet
12. flint and steel
13. mirror
14. 10 foot pole
15. marbles or jacks
16. 25 ft rope
17. lantern +1d4 flasks of oil
18. lockpick
19-20. 1 day's rations

EDIT: Then roll 1d10 on this table:
1. wrench
2. bow and 10 arrows
3. a ranged weapon that is not a bow
4. bolt gun and 2d4 bolts
5. bolt of cloth
6. jug of water
7. compass/pocketwatch combo
8. spyglass
9. key to parent's Rouncer (a 10 ft tall two legged tank-like thing that fits 2 people. All weapons have been tripped from them in this setting, but they are useful for overland travel)
10. 1d4 jars of lard

I may use some tables to determine parent's occupation and resulting starting equipment or bonuses; if so I'll use the Hill Cantons Compendium or DCCRPG.


  1. Now I have to find/make moogle race-classes for ACKS.

    1. Mine is basically a B/X or LotFP Elf hack. Let me know if you write yours up!