Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reliquum Monstrum

Some monsters I thought of years ago, put on a map, no one went there.
I drew them a few months ago, and am rewriting them better now.

HD: 2
AC: as Chain Mail; tongue as Plate Mail
Move: 1/2 speed of running human. Flight. Hop 5ft vertically and horizontally. 
Attacks: Tongue slap (1d4), Special
Special: The Batrachian will attempt to steal food and shiny objects from above with it's long, sticky tongue. If it makes a successful attack against an object, the object is held as if with Strength 18. The Batrachian may immediately retract it's tongue on any round it hasn't moved or attacked. (For instance, it could position itself quietly hovering over someone one round, then dart it's tongue in and steal a gem or rations the next round; OR move into position and stick it's tongue to something, then retract it the next round.)
On the round after a successful tongue slap, they will rip their tongue off painfully (1d4+1 damage, target -1 to rolls next round)
They fly with a Stealth of 3 (on a d6, or slightly less than 50%)

HD: 3+2
AC: as Leather + Shield
Move: 2x human (flying), 3/4 human (walking)
Attacks: 1d4 (claws), 1d6+2 (beak)
Special: The Hachetbeak's beak attack can cause extreme wounding or damage to armor - see below.
# on to hit die
If target wearing metal armor
If target wearing non-metal armor
If target unarmored
No additional effect
AC reduced by 1
Wound will bleed 1hp/rd until healed
See above
See above
Roll 2d4, one is for duration in rounds
D4: 1: R arm disabled
2: L arm disabled
3: blinded
4: knocked unconscious
AC reduced by 1
AC reduced by 2
as 18 but turns instead of rounds
See above
See above
As 18 but lasts until extensive bedrest or advanced healing magic

(in addition to damage)

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