Monday, May 28, 2012

6 Random Encounters, 6 Plot Hooks

Memorial Day Bonus! These tables can be used in parallel (IE you roll once and take the same number for both tables) or randomly (Roll twice). Or whatever you want.

6 Random Encounters:

1. Ambush by diseased Gnoll bandits! Usually this many would defeat the PCs, but they are sick. Do the PCs catch the illness?
2. Roving band of rascally kobold children. Not evil, but hungry, poor, and mischievous.
3. A dapper young man in odd fashion who is trying to make sense of a map of the area. He has one or many clearly magical devices.
4. A group of snobby elephant-headed warriors who are willing to take the PCs as squires.
5. Hundreds of stray cats sitting calmly, listening to one cat meow. Will go on for 30 minutes +
6. A light-tight wagon being driven by Unseen Servant with seven frightened, battle-ravaged vampires inside.

6 Plot Hooks:

1. If left alive long enough to question, they will point the PCs to the lair of an evil wizard who experimented on them.
2. If not helped, or attacked and some escape, they return later as bandits and the local town blames PCs.
3. If helped and befriended, will give the PCs transport in a strange device to anywhere they want.
4. On a secret spy mission and trying to get the PCs involved without telling them.
5. If disturbed or attacked, will put the PCs to sleep on a failed save (before scattering). Affected PCs have strange dreams and wake up somewhere far away.
6. Just looking for some way to peacefully co-exist, but if convinced that it is futile, will suicidally attack PCs.

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