Sunday, May 27, 2012

Encounter Type and Nine-headed Monster Tables

Roll 1d4 to determine encounter type or do whatever you want:

1. The thing is enraged/a mindless killer, all heads attack no matter what.
2. The thing is wary of intruders and attacks them based upon triggers (PCs getting near eggs, treasure, mate; PCs mentioning a certain person or concept, etc).
3. Diplomatic encounter; the thing has knowledge or influence the PCs need, but the heads' different personalities fight over whether it should help them; different methods will persuade different heads, some conflicting. (method that convinces one head may anger another)
4. The thing needs something the PCs have (item, knowledge, influence) but looks like something the PCs need to kill; it will defend itself, but stop attacking if the PCs let up. Killing it is Evil and will enrage townsfolk/powerful wizard/the PCs' God.

CHAOS HYDRA - Nine heads - roll** nine times to start, (optionally: twice whenever a head is severed and two grow in place):

1. Bear head in clown makeup; bite attacks as bear & fear effect
2. Mummy head; berates PCs for modern dress/language/behavior while casting spells at them; smells bad
3. Baby dragon head; bite/breath attacks as baby dragon; wants to know where mommy is
4. Adult dragon head; bite/breath as appropriate; wants treasure
5. Sleazy Adult dragon head; wants to gamble with PCs; cheats magically
6. Old Dragon head; wants other heads to shut up so it can sleep
7. Orc chieftain head; just wants respect
8. Snake head; always lies; bite/poison attack
9. Dumb bearded guy; always tell truth, accidentally; one strong arm grows next to this head holding a club weapon
10. Giant fist that punches PCs forever
11. Lion head; will be appeased if PCs convince him he is their leader; roar/bite attacks
12. Wolf head; just wants to be fed -"I don't think you head me correctly. What you heard was: 'Give me A LOT of your food'; what I said was 'Give me ALL of your food.'"
13. Mind-flayer head
14. Neck-Beard; wants to teach PCs new games and play them; all heads will be placated while PCs are playing games with him, but immediately attack if PCs express boredom, try to leave, or try another tactic
15. *Blonde animal or human head with ridiculous pompadour and underbite; Says, "heh heh, heh hehe," a lot and wants to be shown cool stuff like fire; if unimpressed, PCs being eaten by other heads is cool stuff; if fed and shown something REALLY cool, cowl will drop over head and frenzied sounds emerge as this head attacks other heads while creature runs in random pattern
16. Portable hole/vacuum; PC are sucked in 1/rd if fail STR check; stored until end of battle or quest completed inside. Inside is an alternate dimension that is either a tricky trap maze with Cenobite-type demons or a creepy alternate version of the PCs' home town OR BOTH
17. Deer head; antler attack; plant foods makes it happy
18. Demon head; wants to be freed from rest of creature and returned to hell
19. Entire baby with god-like strength and ego
20. Human head with decaying mask and crazy eyes; invokes power of maddening dark forces from beyond understanding that generally put the PCs to sleep

*ALT for 15 or any entries not appropriate to game/setting: head of dead former companion or family member that attempts to convince PCs that they were the ones who should have died; is magically persuasive and induces PCs to suicide

**DOUBLE ALTS to replace any human heads above for extra monsterness or whole table above for simplicity:
1. Cockatrice head - beak strike turns PC to stone
2. Crocodile head
3. Medusa head
4. Frog head with tongue attack
5. Insect head with acid vomit attack
6. Giant snake head; speaks common and wants to be told how pretty it is; bite/poison attacks


  1. DOUBLE ALTS table extension:
    7. Eel head with bite/electric shock attack
    8. Bull head with head butt/horns attack; likes riddles
    9. Unicorn head with horn attack; maybe scaly, too; will make deals for souls of henchmen
    10. Catoblepas head; DEATH RAY & see MM entry for neck restrictions & tail

  2. Additional to #14: more heads grow the longer PCs play games