Monday, June 18, 2012

Cursed Broom Closet

I wrote the following room for a dungeon I'm working on, but it doesn't fit, so I'm copying it here for the use of all. I like the possibilities, but I'm afraid it may be a better literary idea than a game idea*. Then again, it could be useful for party bonding, horrifying/hilarious antics, and a pause to cleanse the palate when a new mood is called for. What are your thoughts?

A nondescript stone hallway with a wooden door at each end and one set in the side, halfway down. When the side door is opened, all present in the hallway must SAVE VS CHARM. Beyond the door is a tiny chamber with cleaning supplies; a broom, scrubbers, steel wool, various corrosive substances in jars, and an old wooden chair. 
-All passing their save become MUTE, but are otherwise unaffected. 
-All FAILING the save feel the irresistible urge to idly linger in the hallway, taking turns relaxing in the wooden chair and perhaps telling stories. All are allowed another SAVE when their next goal comes up in conversation, or when the pantomime of their mute companions is sufficient to remind them. Those failing all saves will eventually die, lingering in the hallway until they starve, cheerfully wishing well any companions who leave them behind.

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