Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Break, or: Octopus Escapes Through 1in Hole

I'm going to have to take a break from running games on G+ and likely from posting here this month. 
Busy moving 12 blocks away this weekend, then selling off most of my possessions and travelling/moving across the country the last half of this month. I had hoped to finish the Empire of the Flaming Moon rules by the time I hit this wall, but alas, no. I'll pick it up again in September, and hope to have EotFM finished and running games by September 15th. 

If anyone cares, here's what I'm planning and working on:
-hopping onto G+ games when I get some unexpected time (big urge to PLAY lately)
-finishing secret dungeon in time to playtest with live group while travelling, figure out if it's sellable or just pdf it
-finish EotFM rules and run games on regular schedule for 6 weeks or so Sept-Nov
-Hopefully run this horrible Kalak-Nur dungeon sometime around Halloween
-I'm reading Rogue Trader WH40K stuff for the first time now, and hope to mash it and Confrontation (precursor to Necromunda) into an RPG I can run over G+ this winter, switching it out with EotFM when I feel like it.

The goal with running G+ games when I resume will be a set weekly or biweekly schedule, probably something like 12 or 1AM EST Tues nights/Weds mornings.

The promised octopus:

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