Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unearthed Nostalgia: Some Tables I wrote in the '90s

Lace up your Docs and pull your spiked belt tight on those Z-Cavariccis with the 50in legs, here are some tables I wrote as a player and occasional DM in the dorm D&D game in '97 or so.

Found these in a box of old stuff the moms got out of storage. I have no idea if I was transcribing or making these up!

Tiefling Alt. Table Rolls
1. Comprehend Languages 1/day
2. Pyrotechnics 3/week
3. Infravision, 120 ft
4. +2 VS Rod, Staff, Wand
5. +2 VS Acid

1. Black eyes (no whites)
2. 3 Fingers per hand
3. Horselike tail
4. Body covered in striped markings
5. feathers instead of hair
6. leathery skin
7. horns
8. deep-set eyes

I'm still trying to figure out what this page was for, exactly. (EDIT - realized later this page is mostly batches of results from the d100 chart on the next page.)
As above, I've added numbers in case anyone wants to adapt this madness for use.
1. genderless
2. ageless
3. double normal sight (normal and Infravision)
4. 30% Magic Resistance - 1Illusions, 2Energy Drain, 3Charm/Fear/Sleep/Domination/Mind-Affecting
5. Natural AC 8ª
6. Move 15†
7. Preset Actions*
8. Preset Initiative*

* I have no idea what this means
ª Descending
† Average for humans was 12 in 2e I think

After that is a series of small lists of mostly spell-like effects. I've turned them into a Multi-column table. These may have been recording abilities of monsters in a battle or results rolled on a bigger table.

Teenage Joey, I'm proud of you. A gorram d100 chart. Now if I could only remember exactly what "Preset Action" and "Present Initiative" mean.

"Unfortunately, the arts aren't terribly progressive."
Larry McMurtry, speaking at University of North Texas September 30, 1997

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