Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Secret Santicore 2013 Volume 1: Now with BOOKMARKS

 Secret Santicore 2013 PDF with Bookmarks

Click the Santicore above to get the updated PDF of 
Secret Santicore 2013: Volume 1

Bookmarks to sections added, with each entry as a child bookmark so you can collapse sections!

I also changed the link in yesterday's post to the new pdf.
Some notes on PDF interactivity:

-Each line in the Table of Contents, both in the document itself and the Bookmarks bar, is a link to the relevant entry.

-Clicking the section heads at the bottom of any page takes you to that section of the Table of Contents in the document (IE clicking "Character Generation" at the bottom of any page takes you to page 3, Table of Contents 1)

-any website address in the PDF should be clickable and take you to that website in your default browser.  (as a side effect, all emails in the PDF are clickable to create a new email to that address in your default email client.)

A general note:
-if your entry is in Volume 1, feel free to also publish it on your blog! Santicore humbly requests a link to this blog entry, and it would be cool if you added a little extra kick to your entry (Here's a color map! Here's a new twist!) - BUT I AIN'T THE BOSS OF YOU!

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