Saturday, February 15, 2014


1. Murder, unprovoked, loot gained thereby untaxed: 75% of loot reduced 5% for each day spent in public stockades

2.Murder, unprovoked, tax willingly given: 50% of loot - praise the kingdom!

3. Murder, provoked, tax 30% of loot if taxes willingly paid, 60% if taken by duress

4. Property damage, in pursuit of selfish goals: 100 GP per establishment affected, 50 GP to owner, 50 GP to authorities

5. Property damage, in pursuit of community goals: reduce above by 50%

6. Open carrying and/or display of weapons in a civilized area: 25 GP license tax per day

7. Vehement Carousing, to the distraction of others: 10 GP first offence, 30 GP thereafter

8. Failing to inform Liege or associates of major local changes (IE enemies removed or freed): 45 GP, 22 GP refund if information given at time of charge aids in future victory

9. Open worship of non-local deity: 45 GP, license issued

10. Open consorting with Liege enemies: must disclose all information known, 2 teeth will be removed after.

11. Seducing local citizen: 7 lashes, 1 GP

12. Seducing member of Liege's harem: 14 lashes, 2 GP

(written for +Claytonian JP as JOESKY tax for the last blog entry. It or the ideas might be useful to someone at some time. Didn't want it to get lost in G+ comments.)

ART: Pieter Breughel the Elder painted this scene, "Paying the Tax." It was destroyed or something, but his son painted 40 copies, so this is one of those.


1. Thee Crowne Has Withdrawn Support, and Her Generals Have Lefte; Thou Must Leade Mye Armies Unto Victory in the current conflict or Be Put To Torture

2. Seize the magickal well from our neighboring Barony, and a mile surrounding it thereupon; Hold these for a weeke whilst I finish other business

3. My earnest and goode knight, Sir Guffin, lays siege at mine command to the tower of Albrecht the Hard; it pleases me that this siege continue, and not succeed or fail; I charge thee group of scoundrels to discreetly sabotage the siege weapons of Sir Guffin's forces; if thou are caught, this conversation never happened; if thou succeed, riches are thine.

4. Thou sneakest this food for many mouths into the tower of Albrecht the Hard without attracting the eye of Sir Guffin's forces.

5. Citizens and goodly maidens of my harem alike have disappeared at their privy of late; thou shall searchest thee sewers for them, and murder any foul beasts who may be responsible

6. A star from the heavens hath fallen within the Black Forest upon my lands; venture into that dread place and bring back news; and any precious metals or blessings the meteor carried thus.

7. I seek this night to command a demon, through dread ritual in the keep's basement; my sage tells me I can ask of it most ponderous questions and return it to the abyss with no danger; thou wilst stand just outside and make sure none intrude

8. Travel forth and speak to the common people; under guise of ignorance, discover the opinion of my rule from those in my many provinces

9. My beloved advisor has angered the King and been banished; he is also hated by the people, whom may have hired parties unknown to slay him; escort him outside these lands without incident and fortune, land, and title are yours.

10. A group of native slaves have escaped the project to erect a monument to my magnificence in this damned foreign place; track them through the forest and return them so they may be made example of.

11. Take this great sealed casket and scroll to the University of Learning in the North; at no time are you to open them. Protect them from all comers and brigands, or be branded criminal most foul.

12. Travel to the capitol city and gain intelligence which might allow my army secret entry.

13. Discreetly slay the king, so that I might lead our Kingdom to greatness.

14. Lead the great beast which has been stuck in the bay and caused great destruction back into the sea so we do not invoke Poseidon's wrath.

15. Pirate the ships of our enemies; thou must meet with my Master of Coin every other fortnight to pay taxes on your winnings.

16. (DM rolls twice and combines results somehow)

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