Thursday, July 17, 2014

Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Contest: The Winner

But can you really "win" a negadungeon? ANYWAY IT'S +Arnold K. !
Arnold, email me your mailing address to receive my physical copy of The Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children from Free RPG Day 2014, plus a miniature, plus a drawing of something you request!

He submitted a whole adventure, ready to go, with maps, critters, NPCs, the works. You could run this as written with just a tiny bit of prep. It's a great example of "letting the PCs be the catalyst", where if the PCs behaved themselves and abided by the law etc, things might be a bit boring, know PCs...

Click the map to go to his blog entry with a PDF of the adventure!

If you're not checking out his blog on the regular, you should be! He has a lot of swell ideas.

Thanks everyone for participating!

+Noah Stevens at with the folktale creepiness of The Clockwork Head of Genbo Gashodokuro

+Björn Wärmedal at with The Poor Man's Mountain Keep Adventure Seed (and the fearsome Limb Worm!)

+Ed Hackett at with some swell maps and the dreaded Grynspar

+Cédric Plante at with the creative table and great drawing of the Monks of the Holyphant Hanging Monastery

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