Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What I Run When I Run Games (for now)

I'm starting to run games on G+ again - here's my current thinking about what rules I prefer.
This isn't the result of ponderous study and careful evaluation of each edition of DnD and OSR games and the implications on gameplay of each rule involved. This is the result of thinking about what I do instinctually, and how to communicate that to others, so that we may all take the fastest route to where the fun is. I may revise what I'm doing as I get back to reading rulebooks, and I'll try to let people know, but this is how I'll be doing it this month for sure.

Lamentation of the Flame Princess will be the base for most things.
Non-combat actions are as AD&D (2e?) - the player tells me what they want to do, I ask questions, and if necessary, they roll against a relevant ability score (trying to roll under). Some rolls (especially social) will be heavily modified by roleplaying or otherwise convincing me.

PCs will be FLAILSNAILS at the start - IE characters from other settings. They will use the ruleset of their originating game for things the players resolve, and using the above and below when the player doesn't remember the relevant rule, or I deem the original rule incompatible.

Spells from LotFP, AD&D, and AD&D 2e are available to PCs - but...

MAGIC WORKS REALLY DIFFERENTLY from other settings and rules. 

I'll post more about how magic works as the PCs discover it.

I'll post more about everything as the PCs discover the setting - monsters, factions, environments...

Including native PC options, should the current PCs endeavor to gain native allies or otherwise cultivate goodwill from native factions.

Any questions?

Oh, and there's an itchy part of my mind that wants to go full Stormbringer! next year, and run a modern horror game, but we'll see what time allows.

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  1. Sounds good, sign me up! Really enjoy Chaosium's Stormbringer! system as well.