Monday, May 11, 2015

New Spells

Some stuff made me think of some stuff and I wanted to write it down.

 1st level
Range: sight
Duration: instantaneous
Components: V, S
With a shout and a lunge, it is as if the caster has painfully jabbed their thumb into one of the target's eyes. Speech is interrupted, the target takes a -2 to hit, and any spell being cast or ranged attack has a chance of going in a random direction. A healthy adult (CON 8 or better) is fully recovered at the end of the current round.

Rik's Dramatic Bullshit
Range: self
Duration: instantaneous
Components: M, S
The caster throws a bundle of twigs, berries, and nuts at his feet, from which a cloud of smoke and a loud bang emerges. The caster appears up to 4 feet in any direction from the spot in which they were standing.

 2nd level
Rik's Advanced Dramatic Bullshit
Range: self
Duration: instantaneous
Components: S, M
The caster lights themselves on fire and appears to burn away in an instant. The caster is teleported to the absolute nearest spot where they would not be seen by anyone currently and will not be in peril or take damage from non-magical sources. (IE this spell does not take into account area of effect spells but will not teleport the caster into midair, into a natural fire, further under water than the caster could  easily swim in a round, etc). The GM is encouraged to be creative - the caster will not necessarily be hidden, but may be teleported to a branch up a tree if no one is looking up, for instance.
In the casting of the spell, the caster must actually light a fire using normal implements - touching a torch to themselves, striking a flint and steel, etc.

 3rd level
Spooky Action at a Distance
Range: unlimited
Duration: One round for every two levels of the caster
Components: One item touched by the last person to cast a spell on the caster
The last person to cast a spell on the caster experiences the same physical sensations the caster is currently undergoing or experiences (spell effects, damage from fighting, poison, drowning, unconsciousness, healing, etc)

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