Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Students of the Green Beast (a cult for your science-fantasy game!)

A captive audience.
I rolled on the random cult generator and got Students, Green, and Beast. For "Thing worshipped" I got a construct, golem, animated statue, frankenstein thing, etc. I was kinda still thinking about the moon with lots of crashed spaceships from the Haruspectre post.

A new human convert takes her turn at the "godpedal."

A tiny window into the future?

 Students of the Green Beast are primarily kobolds, but their membership is spreading to other races fast. Their sacred place of worship is kept in the strictest secrecy. In truth, it is a pedal-generator hooked to a television, set up and abandoned by spacemen who crashed here millennia ago. When one of the kobolds pedals on the stationary bike generator, a TV is powered, showing classic giant monster movies of 20th century Earth on a loop. The TV is damaged, so the black and white is green-tinged.
They believe this is a scrying device gifted by the gods, showing the inevitable end-times. This has caused two primary factions of the cult to form. One faction believes they should assist all creatures in farming and civilization, so that there will be many fat creatures for the Green Beast to eat and many tall buildings for it to knock down. The other faction are anarchists and nihilists, as the Green Beast will destroy all so what's the point of caring? 

The two factions remain friendly, as they must share a place of worship, and negotiate who will influence which settlement towards anarchy or order.

Wear on the components of the TV cause it to flicker just beyond the edge of perception, putting any creature watching it into a highly suggestible state. Curious nobles and merchants have been known to suddenly donate their entire fortune to the cult. Both factions of the cult will occasionally kidnap people and force them to watch, delivering a sermon the entire time. They are not consciously aware of the flickering effect, but believe in the convincing power of the images themselves.

The Future.

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