Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lumpy Adventures on Bummerflop Mountain!

Man, I am good at procrastinating! I was watching Adventure Time during breakfast (and more episodes during Second Breakfast) and thought this up instead of doing things:

-Hex/Dungeoncrawl on a gonzo mountain where things use AdventureTime logic (but not lifted directly from the show, necessarily) run as a one shot whenever the fancy strikes. Mostly generated using the random generator I called, "So useful it is nearly offensive." Except everything reflavored bloopy!

-Characters are generated using MurderMaze rules, but with a focus on silly gonzo magic and teamwork rather than killing each other. Everyone starts near or with each other.

-Some kinda super quick random relationships with other PCs chart so everyone starts out having a crush, petty rivalry, good natured competition, blood brothers, or maybe you're the groups' hair stylist.

OK, now I gotta clean the stove.

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