Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Celebutante race/class for old school games

+Ian Johnson told us to yell at each other, I yelled at some people, other people yelled at me, it was called SECRET ANARCHYCORE and was fun.

It is not very secret, so I think it should have been called SATANARCHYCORE, but there's always next time! Anyway, Dr. Whisky says:

+Jack Shear 11:28 AM

+Joey Lindsey Hey, your hair looks like a bush I laughed at once.  Find a way to make Paris Hilton into a character class.

Hit Dice: 1d4 per level until level 9, when your looks finally go
Attack and Weapons: Only small or dandy weapons. Unarmed slap/nail rake for 1d2 damage.
Level Advancement: As a Magic User
Saves: as Thief
Armor: Can only wear the most fashionable clothing or armor. Notoriety is at 0 when face is covered.

Class Abilities

Allowance Celebutante PCs get their level x1000 GP at 1st and every time a level is gained, but only if they have a positive Notoriety; see below.
Paparazzi They are constantly followed by 1d4+level 0-level humans (reroll daily) with magical cylinders that project their image to the masses. If all these are killed, Notoriety cannot be gained until a great act of charitable hypocrisy is performed. Luckily, most creatures seem to ignore the Paparazzi...except for spellcasters and leaders of any kind.
Notoriety is a stat that can be used to add to rolls or HP. While it is positive, the PC may cast Charm Person or Turn/Attract Living* 1/day a number of times equal to their level. If it is negative, the PC loses that many HP until restored to positive. Notoriety is set to 0 every 7 days or two game sessions, as the viewing public is fickle.
+1 Notoriety for surviving risks, ruining others' plans (PCs or NPCs), saying bitchy things to important people, taking credit for the success of others, convincing other people they are fat, doing raunchy things like fucking the prince on the bar at the local pub, high-profile threesomes and breakups, spending lots of money, doing something extra fabulous, etc.
-1 Notoriety if less than 500GP is spent on an item of clothing, armor or a weapon; for every day the offending item is worn; for each melee combat in which the PC is injured; or for any 24 hour period where Notoriety is not gained (if Paparazzi are surviving).

*Turn/Attract Living: 25% of the time, this acts like the Turn Undead ability but on living targets. The result is determined by comparing their HD to undead on the Turn chart. The other 75% of the time, it acts the same but the affected creatures do everything they can to get toward the Celebutante. PCs may choose to alter that percentage by 5% every time a level is gained. Creatures must be able to see the PC to be affected.

Geezuz, nobody play one of these, OK?
I've got like 5 more SATANARCHYCORE requests in the hopper, so watch out tomorrow!

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