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+Pearce Shea asked what gods were popular in Targenmoor, so I figured I'd post the Gods of Kalak-Nur as localized to there.

Famat-the-Veiled - Goddess of haggling, markets, trade, negotiation. Symbol: a smile behind a veil. Priests often calm the fights of others, but have heated arguments among themselves - then they go drinking as friends or lovers after.

Vanamanaghor-Knife-In Darkness - God(dess?) of darkness, stealth, deception. Not openly worshiped. Culturally a "lovable rogue" in that people like to tell hyperviolent stores of his/her exploits stealing from and assassinating the avatars of other gods, which s/he does purely for sport. To many, s/he is a symbol of getting one over on "superiors". The god does not reveal itself, so gender is unknown. Symbol: A black knife or a silver knife on a black field.

Monot-Grim-Faced - God of duty and The Grey Waste. Find your stitch in the fabric, find your place and get in it. Do not excel, do not slack, perform your duty and hold your tongue. Be even as the grey sand that blankets and surrounds us. This church receives regular and substantial donations of money, land, legal help, and other resources from anonymous sources. Symbol: below.

Chchcchchctktktktktk - An insect god worshipped by the humanoid bug people. Presented to humans as a humorous goof. Many things about this god are unknown outside bugperson communities, and those bug people that co-habitate with humans do not worship it.

Gorgathon, The Eye of Fire - god of knowledge, light, the sun and moon. The Sun is his right eye, ever watching, all seeing, ever gathering knowledge of all things. 
The moon is his left eye socket, his left eye lost in a godwar (actually stolen by Vanamanaghor-Knife-In Darkness and hidden in a monster's belly). The left eye socket represents "turning a blind eye", seeing and letting go, forgiveness, knowing but not acting upon.
Often worshipped by magic users, his followers are voracious gatherers of knowledge. His Clerics have access to Divination spells from the Magic-User list, and Magic User worshipers vice versa. His worshippers may not learn spells of Darkness or Cold. Symbol: The sun and moon.

(Kay Nielsen)

Slumugsh, God of trash, decay, age, time, fungus, slimes, oozes, jellies, unintelligent bugs, and the lost - its worshippers cultivate carelessness, do not become attached, lose things without a concern, feed those that feed on decay, and do not clean, leaving that to natural forces and slime unguents they collect from the secretions of detritovores.

Havet - dual aspect God and Goddess of Ice, Trolls, Frost Giants, hardness, toughness, challenge - worshipped by those who build everything they use, bind their own wounds, throw themselves into conflict and challenge, and do not cultivate soft round asses on opulent cushions. They scoff at the well to do, nobles and merchants alike, and scorn the hoarding of comfort.
Havet was once the God of the Sea and had a different aspect, but none in this region remember what the word "Sea" means.

Digrot - god of death, the undead, and dust.

(later edit: took out Vanamanaghor-Knife-In Darkness's nickname, as it was causing confusion in my home group with Gorgathon.)

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