Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kalak-Nur Dungeon Answers

+Chris H Asked some questions on G+. I wanted the answers somewhere I could find again in the future.

"Joey, how many floors have we secured?" 
The top two - except the control room that's up that 4 ft square chute (second floor) and whatever else it leads to. (the third floor is the large space at the bottom of the 50-foot center openings of the other floors, which has a sort of hallway to another big space.)

"If there are prisoners on those floors that we have yet to release, I'd like to do the interviews in thread, rather than take up time in game for them if at all possible.
For the guys in the cells and the tortured wizards:
We'd use the glasses to see what they really are, we'd use Rey's Goodness Vision to determine Evility, we'd ask "Why did Mocata lock you up?" & "Do you know where treasure is in here?"
of the Wizards "Who took your stuff, and where is it now?" of each of them I imagine."
No one's said "We release the prisoners" yet, except for the three released during the last session. 
Wizards: 3 evil, 4 not. 
The Wizard's answers are pretty much "Because I use magic" "Spider-goats took my stuff after the first time y'all were down here and went somewhere lower" and the ones across from the hatch say "There's something important in that small hatch"
For the prisoners, see below.

"For the non-evil Vampires I'd like to ask "How do you satiate your hunger?" & "Would you rather we just kill you?" Also "How did Mocata prevent you from turning in to a bat/mist/bugs? (whatever your version of vampires can do, if anything)
I support staking the evil vampires."
"By drinking blood. I don't kill folks unless they're evil, though."
"No, I'd rather you dispel the sigil that binds me here and let me go."
"The sigil magically binding me here."
There are 6 evil Vampires, so this was the one not-evil one.

"Additionally, if any of the dudes have weird diseases (that might be contagious), including that biomechanical one (going to call it Borg Disease for now), it would be super great if we could get some more healers/potions/topical ointments to deal with it. Anyone with Borg Disease CANNOT be let loose."
Nothing on these two floors resembles the stuff coating Mocata's ship.

Level 1
1. Where Corbin was

2. Where the law cubes are playing cards

3. Where Leah was

4. Where Leah's cat was

5. Lacon, the fire lizard! He's pleased to see you, if there's anyone here he's met before. He was captured and imprisoned for attempting to sell magic items (the Frost Giant Heartswood weapons no one claimed way back during the play by post).
He is very worried about his companion, the Witch Agathan, whom Mocata's goat-men captured at the same time as he. Two of the non-evil magic-users in the exsanguination harnesses are women. If questioned, one is indeed she. She requests that Lacon not see her in such a state, that it be painless and quick.

6. Four tall, grey-skinned, grim faced humanoids whisper together until they realize you can see them. They turn to you quietly, and you see that all four have the same face (some at different ages). Their yellow armor is uncomfortably translucent, as if one made armor from dreams deferred, passion lost.
They each carry a grey mask trimmed in gold.
"Mocata locked us up for perpetuating our line, for defending the keep entrusted by our father. He saw duty not as we do, but through a glass darkly. You must free us, so we may return to our appointed places. We know little of this wretched domicile."

7. In a bird cage suspended by the cell door are 6 tiny humanoids, ranging from 1-3 inches tall. They otherwise look like an assortment of thieves, warriors, and magic-users. They plead with you to open the cage and free them.

Level 2
1. in this cell, Blixa's gem-sniffing sword doesn't detect gems, it detects GEM. Something of enormous value.
There is a hollow stone moon. When you break it open, you see a perfect and terrifying ruby that seems to absorb a bit of light instead of reflecting it.
It is a moon-shaped ruby on a moon-shaped sword of bronze. Sir Ward detects the residue of evils past. Valentine detects powerful magics; the ruby and sword give off one aura as a whole as well as each it's own unique magical radiation. Blixa feels deja-vu looking at it, as if he knows it's younger brother.

2. in this cell: 3 pregnant (normal animal) goats ignorantly feed on the viscera of a recently disemboweled man. A deep thicket of spiderwebs covers the ceiling and several feet below it, and the back wall. The burned outline of a pentacle also traced with pungent herbs takes up nearly half the floor. Broken glass has been swept against the wall.

3. a pack of wild dogs pace, bored. Dried blood cakes an area near the door. A black shape hangs limp in the corner, in shadow. Another burned pentacle, traced with pungent herbs.

4. A nightmarish cell cramped with failed attempts at making spider-goats. There are goat torsos with spider heads, goats with six legs growing at all angles, and further terrors.

5. In this cell is a humming blue field. Inside it on a pedestal are three finely-wrought statues in platinum: one of a goat-man, one of a dog-man, and one of a spider-goat.

6. Due to Q-Bot's goggles, you can tell this is a powerful Air Elemental. It appears as a blank mask hovering in a whirlwind.

7. Two lesser Air Elementals.

8. Where Santos Christo was - so, a hyperbaric chamber hooked to weird machines 

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