Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wampus Magpie

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Nunya no sirree bob!

While I'm sure there are all sorts of "normal" birds in the lands of Wampus, I keep hearing tales of 4-6 foot tall Magpies that can walk, talk, and do all sorts of other things the humans and elves and dog-people and frog-people can do. Only +Erik Jensen can tell us if these tales are true.

I hear that Magpies of this kind progress as a Thief in the following skills: 
•Find/Remove Traps
•Open Locks
•Pick Pockets

If your system does not use these skills, they advance in skills related to problem-solving with tool use, mechanical skills, and sleight-of-feather.

In addition, they have the following abilities:
Himitation: With a successful Intelligence check, Magpies can imitate a specific sound or voice for one round (that is, they can do it until they fail the check or run out of things to say).

Patter: Once per day per level, on a successful Charisma check, Magpies can keep an audience engaged as long as they can talk. Charisma must be checked every third round. The effect ends immediately if the listener takes damage or perceives a new, clear threat (IE it could extend a tense standoff, even with guns involved, but if someone starts casting a Fireball they're gonna stop listening and duck!)

Flippy-flappy: a Wampus Magpie can fly their movement rate, but must land every other round, and can do nothing else while flying but talk (it is up to the DM if they can use the Patter ability while flying).

Get Thee To A Rookery: A Magpie PC may give another Magpie PC in the same room a +1 to any roll once per day for every three levels (of the giver). This is in the form of encouragement or chiding, and must be done at the time the roll is made.

EDIT: forgot to say - armor greater than leather impedes Pick Pockets and prevents flight.

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