Monday, April 14, 2014

three imprisoned air elementals of Kalak-Nur

I am shhhhhhhhhwwww; I was the welcome breeze that cools your brow on a hot day of hard work. Now I blow shit out of a hole in a palace of abomination.

I am oooooooooeeeeeeeeee , I was the fearsome wind through the narrow space, making the sound men mistook for death coming. I inspired fantasies of nemeses on the way, ghosts in the hall,wolves close to camp. Now I blow the shit of abominations onto a hillside.

I was thlooooochchchaaaaaaaaa. I was the fierce wind of the seas that sends ships where they are going,or capsizes them, according to my whim. Now I am the captive of that which is neither dead nor alive,but eternally seeking, so that my children will fortnightly expunge the waste of his accursed horde.

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