Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exploring the Lost City: Some Tables

INSTRUCTIONS: When the PCs go a direction, roll 1d4. If they go the same direction a second time in a row, add +1, another time, +2, etc.
Every time they change direction, start back at base d4 with no plusses.

1. A temple with meeting square in front. Signs of sacrifice. If random encounter rolled here, sacrifice is recent, but party will not be attacked until they poke around
2. Residential Tenement block for slaves/the poor. Undead and mundane artifacts. 10% chance any room explored has something useful.
3. Open market area; broken stalls with ancient, decayed goods. Curious PCs will activate automaton guards and magical security runes, etc.
4. Middle class dwellings. Skeletons. More valuable stuff, but decayed. Some petrified wood and old metal stuff can be salvaged. 20% chance of something more valuable.
5. Upper class dwellings. Heavily damaged from the whole city-sinking-beneath-volcano thing. 25% chance of finding something more valuable.
6+. Guard gate at edge of city. 50% chance of finding control room for city movement. Knobs, switches, levers, valves, etc. If instruction poster can be read (in lost tongue), PCs can cause city to rearrange itself on a path to any part they want, or get out.

EAST: see instructions for WEST
1. Government buildings. Murder holes in ceilings of entrances. Will be used if random encounters rolled. Robed skeletons tossed about. 10% chance of finding a spellbook. 5% chance of finding something more valuable. 30% chance of finding a weapon.
2. Guard barracks. 50% chance of finding a weapon. Weapons found have a 50% chance of breaking with each blow. 30% chance of finding useable armor. Armor loses 1AC of protection with each blow landed.
3. Government magic lab. Oozes. Random potion effects. Walking in teleports your weapons and armor to holding area.
4. Winery. Good alcohol can be found with successful searching.
5+. Guard gate. 50% chance of activating automaton guards.

1. A sports or gladiator arena. If the PCs hit certain triggers (standing in a certain spot, saying a certain phrase, etc), ghostly gladiators forever repeating their past come to fight them. Random encounters are descendants of gladatorial beasts from ancient times.
2. Theater. Some undead want to put on a play for you. They attack if PCs will not sit and watch. Three random encounter rolls during play. 50% chance of undead helping PCs in fight if random encounter rolled during their performance.
3. Former black market. Ancient items of illicit type, herbs with drug effects growing wild, old devices that cause trouble. Still-functioning robot merchant and his cronies have no sense of time passing and think you're just the next sucker to come along.
4. Red light district. Still-functioning whorehouse, beautiful, young, healthy, fresh looking escorts. Of course, they're Succubi and Incubi who can't leave the premises, but are also impossible to tell from normal people while within these walls until they energy drain you.
5+. Ancient town dump, now awesome forest.

Your turn!


  1. Tell me what is to the South or comment generally on G+ here:

  2. This will be very useful in the Hutakaan city at the end of B10 Night's Dark Terror.