Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hastiludes Prizes & Rules for Melee and Joust

In game stuff for Melee:

- Only spells which require touching the target are allowed, and they must be cast in the most showy and dramatic way possible. (The player should describe what casting the spell looks like, etc)

- Special abilities inherent to the combatant are allowed, but not if they have an effect similar to a ranged weapon. (You can do whatever, but the Marshall in game may get weird or disqualify you).

- Ranged weapons are banned from the Melee event. One may throw things upon the field, but weapons designed to be thrown or project missiles are not allowed.

- All Knights forced to surrender while conscious during an event shall turn over their mount and armor, or the value thereof, to the one who bests them. 

- All Knights knocked out during an event will give 95% of the above amount to the one who bests them, and 5% to the medic who tends them, or be indebted under law.

D&D combat as adjudicated by me or made up to suit whatever weird shit you come up with.
This is essentially Warlords of Vornheim without teams or Hardcore Mode. I thought about including Hardcore Mode, but I don't think it makes as much sense in a winner-take-all game without teams. 
You either Yield, get knocked out (IE lose all HP), or win. If you get knocked out, there are medics standing by. HOWEVER - the Melee is more dangerous than the Joust, and accidental death is possible.
Anyone taking half their HP in damage from one hit is Wounded which might result in a permanent effect - a scar, broken tooth, bad eye, limp, palsy, etc. 
Anyone reduced to negative half their HP or Con score + level - whichever is lowest, is dead. This is unlikely but there you go.
Participants will gain Glory or XP commensurate with their victories.

PCs may purchase the following before an event at these prices. These are also the values that must be paid to opponents who defeat you.

The Joust rules are in PDF form here. Special thanks to Mike D for his fun Jousts of the past and putting these rules together. 
The character creation page may be ignored if you're using your FLAILSNAILS PC, however, you may attempt to attract/hire a squire and/or retinue as per that page. Let me know via G+ if you'd like to do this and we'll work it out.

The following prizes are on offer from the Court. The entrant who wins the most events may choose first. Otherwise Glory and the wisdom of King Artan shall determine distribution.

- Waters of Avalon: Drinking these waters while focusing on an aspect of your physical self will change you. An ability may be increased or decreased. Your appearance my alter significantly. A special ability may grow, recede, or change completely.

- A Faerie sword that is very beautiful and light. The local Knights find it somewhat dishonorable to use, although adventurers not under the strictures of courtly life could well use it. A short sword that has a blade of strange reddish metal with a hilt wrapped in purple hide with gold wire. The blade is decorated with knotwork. A small rounded pommel provides balance. The quillions are shaped like dragon wings, and the blade emerges from a stylized dragon head. The decorative elements of the sword are composed of Mithril. There is a scabbard of oiled mint sheepskin leather with Black bear fur trim.

- CAUTION: HOT, a Hog Druid Knight from the Northern Kingdom of NO SMO, has offered to train an adept who proves their worth in the basics of Druidic ways. If one is sharp at it, one may learn some mystical ability.

- A dance with The beautiful Raven Aislynn, recently widowed and so young still, has been offered as a prize by her mother. Aislynn quickly fled to her chambers when this was announced, feathers ruffled. She has been noted for her intelligence and a slight mischievous humor in the past. She is set to inherit a small keep if her parents do not produce a son.

- A brief and private audience with King Artan and his counsel.

-A strange gem prized from the Irish in battle long ago. It seems to smolder in light and keep one warm.

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