Monday, June 23, 2014

Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Contest

This probably flies in the face of all acceptable human behavior, but here goes -

I backed Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children, Lamentations of the Flame Princess's contribution to Free RPG Day 2014, on IndieGoGo months ago. I will eventually receive a copy from that.
Then, on Free RPG Day, everything else looked so pat and boring to my malicious eye, that I chose it as my one free item. This cements my status as a horrible, lazy, corrupt, and impatient person. I have violated all concept of a social contract, and should be flayed alive.
I'm running DCotCHC via G+ Hangout this Thursday night. The game is currently full (8 players / 11 potential characters).

After that, my plan is to give it to someone who didn't get a chance to grab it for Free RPG Day.

I'd prefer it if this wasn't someone who just chose to grab other things, but that it go to someone who had no local participating store, or whose local stores were too lame to have this adventure out for the taking. Did you get screwed on FreeRPGDay? This is for you.

Thusly, I am going to have a horrible, horribly vague contest to give the appearance of meritocracy to my whimsical choice as to who gets it.

Requirements: a written thing in viewable or hearable format that is more than a trap (or monster), but does not have to be a full adventure. That is, it should contain at least one trap or monster, plus other stuff. Maps! I sure do like maps with interesting things on them.
It can be all pictures, or all text, or an audio file, but hopefully will contain at least two of those things. Don't be afraid to detail mechanics of how the thing you're describing works.

Submissions will be accepted at metalvsskin at geemale dot calm from Tuesday, June 24th - Tuesday, July 8th. Submissions can be files attached to the email or links to content hosted on a website. All submissions must have been created for this contest, or previously abandoned projects that you finished for this contest.

My physical copy of The Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children, in good condition, mailed to the winner, free.
The winner and second place will also receive a free PDF of an adventure I'm working on when I finish it. This will probably be done in September or October. This adventure is in no way affiliated with LotFP or Doom Cave or anything like that. I will probably charge money for it when I finish it, except to the top two of this contest, who will get it for free.
First, Second, and Third place will receive random unpainted miniatures from me, mailed to them for free. Most of these are adventurers, but there might be a monster in there.

Starting with the winner and until I get tired of drawing, you'll also receive drawings from me. I might just scan them or whatever if I'm not already mailing you something.

So, at least four people will get prizes.

I should clarify that if you enter this contest and don't put it on your blog I will probably put your entry on my blog.

There, now I am done trampling all over everything that is good and just.


    Are you sure you're willing to pay postage overseas (London)? And when does this contest end!?!

    1. Yeah, whatever, I'll pay postage up to $25 US Dollars, so that should get it most places.
      Submissions are due by 8 AM Wednesday, July 8th, and the winner/top 3 will be announced within 7 days of receiving all the entries.

  2. I will try to submit something! :)


  4. I made something! I almost thought I wouldn't be able to make time for it :)

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  6. I finally got some free time today. I hope to finish by stuff. hope I won't be screwed by the time zones. :P

    1. You have 23 hours from right now! If you end up needing just a few more hours beyond that, let me know, but try to stick to that deadline.

    2. I am late and my submission is just a illustration. :P
      But still it was super fun to participate. :)

  7. If you made a submission but did not email it or a link to it to metalvsskin at geemale dot com, EMAIL IT NOW NOW NOW.