Wednesday, November 7, 2012

d20 Encounter table for the Western lands of Kalak-Nur

The Western Lands: Encounter tables

Above ground: 1d20

1. 1d4 large basking lizards; can be trained as mounts for Halflings or Dwarves but hard to tame
2. 1d4+2 starved coyotes; 30% chance of bite conveying zombie infection
3. 2 vultures; roll 1d20 for INT due to radiation exposure; talks if INT over 7; one possibly can be acquired as companion as DM sees fit; 30% chance of bite conveying zombie infection
4. armed NPC party of scavengers, will assess you and potentially attack to get your stuff; interested in any treasure or tech you can lead them to
5. 1d4 agressive, hungry cougars
6. starving family that wandered West looking for food even though they knew better; 75% chance are infected with zombie plague but haven't changed yet
7. giant fucking sandworm! SHIIIIIT! Oh, whew, it has a rider/controller. If you don't mess with him, he'll probably steer clear.
8. an old, malfunctioning robot or other machine from spaceship or mining facility; stats as electrical trap or shrieker that attracts zombies
9. hawk made of finely worked metal, speaks common, has task for you from powerful figure
10. 1d6 lost robot workers from Victarion's plantation estate; would appreciate escort home; roll 1d10 and consult 11-20 from this chart for random encounters while escorting them
11. one scavenger; survivor of zombie attack on NPC party; hurt and pitiful at first but 75% chance will turn on party for their stuff if opportunity arises (knows of second NPC party and leads you to 4)
12. giant fucking sandworm! SHIIIIT! It's wild!
13. 1d4 zombie coyotes
14. 3d4 slow zombies
15. 3d4 slow zombies and 2d4 fast zombies
16. 1d10 + 10 slow zombies and 1d4 intelligent zombies
17. 1d10 + 10 slow zombies and an Awakened Sorcerer
18. 1d4 "Zombie Kings", big balls of entangled zombies rolling toward you
19. huge mass of zombies; will notice loud sounds; better gone around or tricked into leaving than fought
20. Victor Victarion and 3d4 armed robot escorts on hovercraft out surveying the area

This can also be used as a progressive 1d8 chart; the closer you are to Victarion's plantation in the Western Lands, the higher your 8 options on the chart are.

Tomorrow: below ground.
after that: 1d12 benefits of hanging with the Goblins for a week.

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