Friday, November 16, 2012

Rumors of the Gray Waste and Westlands (Kalak-Nur)

§   01. The Witch-King Mocata is secretly a foul necromancer who caused the zombie plague in the Westlands with a failed experiment.
¶    02. No way, Mocata is great, and his justice keeps us safe from necromancers. I bet Victor Victarion was the secret necromancer that caused all those zombies.
•    03. Victarion may be a harsh ruler and cut a hard bargain, but no way. Those zombies killed his family!
º    04. Those zombies are his family. Victarion's secretly some kinda intelligent undead! Don't eat his food!
≠   05. Victarion gives us health, and life. We are blessed to see a god in his mortal days.
¡    06. The dude is just a good businessman. I mean, when his droid general died, he used the thing as armor!
£   07. Mocata is the one truly worthy of worship. Praise his dark power!
∞  08. Buncha flim-flammers. The only ones you can trust is the western goblin workers!
Ω  09. Ice Goblins have been seen on the ridge recently. In only mere months, the Frost Giants will awaken, and all will be lost.
∑  10. You know what makes a zombie? When one of those adventurers what gets attached to his robot has the robot wake up. The fella's original body turns undead!
π   11. Strange folk from another world have been seen talking to Victarion's overseers. They seek to steal our food!
ø   12. The pale winds rise. The winged curse returns. Every drop of blood spilled to the dirt speeds the rise of winter's bone.
«   13. This used to be a nice planet.
œ  14. No reason to lie about it: we're already dead. This is a holding place for people the gods don't know what to do with.
µ   15. It is said this year, the middle fires will be low, and we can resume trade with the Eastlands. They have rich bounty, and no one man has all the viable soil there.
†   16. The Eastlands have been wiped out by drought.
≈   17. Girmal and his colony found a cache of laser-swords. They are hiding them from the Silent Sisters.
∆   18. The Silent Sisters are plotting against Mocata.
ß    19. Mocata seeks their power, but is immortal, and bides his time.
¥    20. Mocata disguises himself as an adventurer to move freely in the land, gathering power and information.

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