Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Goat-men direct Q-Bot to the launch controls, the scientist Grantz caught up directing other Goat-Men at another set of controls.

Q-Bot quickly intuits the complex and alien system of controls (crit WIS), and goes to work helping the craft launch.
The castle shakes and tumbles, and all your instincts are to run for cover. It feels like every earthquake, a warfare of space, stone and metal, glass and air in a territorial battle. Then -liftoff! -BUT!!
Q-Bot realizes a critical stabilizing control is just out of his reach. He leaps for it, just missing (failed DEX)! Sir Ward sees what is going on and leaps in, only managing to topple on top of Q-Bot. The Goat-men scramble for the lever, but Q-bot knows it is too late.
Grantz helps up the grim adventurers, whispering "Thanks for distracting the Goat-men with the simulator so I could get this thing launched without distraction."
(got a couple weird results that meant Grantz succeeded in launch without your help. Not a likely thing to happen in any step.)

Lucien deftly commands the team of Ward and Q-Bot at several banks of controls (INT&WIS successes), steering the craft in a trajectory toward Grantz's home planet.
The dungeon levels of the structure burn off in the atmosphere, and any NPCs left in the cells are dead. The castle area is secure and has a life-support system, so your characters are ok.
However, all the goat-men and dog-men turn into normal goats and dogs and infants. Congratulations, you now have 266 Goats, 34 Dogs, and 300 infants.
Oh yeah, and one spider.

As you get further into space, a wormhole appears! After some debate and nervous looks at oddly rectangular asteroids on the viewscreen, it is decided to go through it. Again, Lucien deftly navigates and the crew manages to steer the craft while the rest of you try to corrall farm animals and infants.
(good rolls all around, damnit.)
You speed through tunnels of light, glimpses of...no, that's impossible! But that looks like...no, he's dead...AHEM anyway.
Grantz has awakened the castle's computer system to try and help with controls.
The wormhole was a shortcut to Grantz's planet! (goddamnit your dice luck). He initiates landing protocols as you speed toward the planet's atmosphere...

The ship's computer takes over controls! It refuses to answer questions and settles into orbit around the planet. The controls do nothing. (finally! The dice do something interesting).
S.pace T.ravel A.utomated N.avigator and A.dvanced S.ecurity wants you to tell "him" riddles. If he likes them, he may give you certain controls. If he is not amused, well, he doesn't need the life support to stay on...

You are currently orbiting the planet, with 12 hours' oxygen...WHAT DO YOU DO?