Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mortals Are Playthings: A Table for Elves

If you are a Bay Area friend who might play in my home game, DO NOT READ

OK, all my players gone? Good.

There are Elves on this island. They live like some amalgam of Forest Elves and the Faerie Court from some story where Fareies are very dangerous. They age, but slowly enough to be effectively immortal. They heal at an advanced rate and can regenerate limbs, but enough severe wounds in a short enough span will kill them. Their memories are somewhat worse than humans, outside of some of their culture's core tenets and whatever unique flavor their personality has. Thus, an Elf may interact with humans one way in one part of it's life, but years later treat them totally different. Of course, there's also their innate capriciousness, mischievousness, callous disregard for life, etc.

Generally, they see mortals as inconsequential. As playthings. How this is expressed by each individual Elf's psychology and philosophy varies.

Mortals Are Playthings, But What Does That Mean To Me?
1 Humans contain several important ritual components; they must be led to die in specific situations and the organs harvested fresh.
2 "Humans are not reasonable creatures; they must be eliminated if encountered."
3 to 6 "Lead them to folly, but only by their own hand. They must not gain any real power or hold here."
7 "They can produce such levels of hope and terror! I get nearly physical pleasure from it. It's best when they never know the source of their torment."
8 to 10 "They are useful labor, if you know how to play them."
11 "The only thing that smells worse than their outsides is their insides; keep them away from me. Unclean things."
12 to 13 "Foul insects, obey me or be swatted."
14 to 16 Means well but doesn't understand what humans can or can't heal or die from
17-19 "I despise my own kind and if I can use the humans to gain the upper hand or kill my brethren, I will."
20 Roll 1d6 times; the first result is their general attitude, the other results are toward specific types (race, skill set [Rogues? Wizards?], place of origin, etc)