Friday, January 29, 2016

Some Nonstandard Magic Items

Some Things the Party Found in my online game that you might want to crib for your own:

TRUMPET OF HOLY FURY: those hearing it played get +1d6 to hit/damage when attacking demons and devils (each individual rolls their own 1d6 with each to hit or damage roll)
(as above picture, but metal, and the "horns" are valves that can be pressed)

DAGGER OF THE ESSOPHAGE: wielder gains 60 ft infravision, regain lowest used spell slot upon killing a creature with this dagger. (The creature must be intelligent or have more than 1 Hit Die. No carrying around cannon fodder pets to kill for your spell slots or killing non-agressive forest critters. The spell slot restored cannot be of greater level than the slain creature's Hit Dice. A creature of 3 HD could restore a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level spell slot.)

HOLY POMEGRANATE JUICE: as one vial of Holy Water

NANOTECH HEALING PATCH: as one dose of Healing Potion, purely technological, not magical

Tools, work suit scraps that can be used to repair armor (up to chain), shield shaped metal (must attach handles/straps to use)

Edited to clarify the dagger's abilities.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dungeon Room A Day is Born (on Twitter)

Oh Satan, what have I gotten myself in to? Inspired by, I made

I'll post one room, tunnel, door, feature, etc a day, changing dungeons/themes roughly monthly. Sometimes I'll post an encounter to keep it fresh.

The first one is based on this drawing/painting I did a few years ago.

Play on.