Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Announcement Regarding Sir Ward's Fate

By Ashe Rhyder

Caldephrion the Studious, High Priest of Gorgathon in Targenmoor, regrets that he never met the late Sir Ward. Several members of the church have overheard adventurers discussing that great loss, so sadly just before the Grand Bazaar began. Upon learning that Sir Ward was an agent of Gorgathon, The Merchant's Guild was petitioned to delay the Bazaar, but this petition was denied. Caldephrion the Studious communed with Gorgathon on the matter, and has an announcement to all and sundry.

It is hoped that this announcement will bring some brief joy to those so saddened by his loss.

Gorgathon has revealed the fate of Sir Ward's spirit. That essence which drove your brother adventurer is currently employed in The Eternal Stacks, Gorgathon's labyrinthine dimensional library of all known things (and some unknown - Derketa must keep her secrets). 

Sir Ward primarily seeks tomes for those entities wise and powerful enough to visit The Stacks, and reminds those spirits distracted by their studies that their books are due. He is also tasked with placing conspicuous tomes in abandoned dungeon rooms, and can occasionally be glimpsed at this by adventurers who rush in unexpectedly.

While the senior Spirit Librarians are often unsparing in their critique, they seem pleased with how his training is going.

Those who knew Sir Ward and held an emotional attachment to him may find a new item upon their person - a Library Card. Upon the back, instructions for the following are etched.
By Ashe Rhyder

Call Upon Sir Ward 
Spirit Librarian, The Eternal Stacks - formerly The Knight of Jet and Gold
Any adventurer who personally knew Sir Ward in life, or has heard tell of his exploits, may attempt to contact him by performing an hour long ritual, at which a permanent magic item must be destroyed in a fire and dancing and singing must be performed. Enacting the ritual makes the fire magical and capable of destroying such an item.
Once contacted and after any personal communication the supplicant wishes to make, the supplicant may ask Sir Ward one question about anything, which Sir Ward may then attempt to look up the answer to. Know ye adventurers that The Stacks are indeed Eternal, and Sir Ward has other duties.

The DM of whichever game this happens in may come up with their own method for determining Sir Ward's success in finding an answer. I would probably use this, modified by the power of the item sacrificed.

Should Sir Ward be resurrected, this ritual will no longer have any effect.

The Black Veil has made it known that they have a most...alternative method for potentially resurrecting Sir Ward...after a fashion. It requires much bravery, cleverness, and grit. Their strange beliefs warrant that they must withhold the information until 5 magic items are sold to them at their market booth.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Grand Bazaar of Targenmoor: The Lists are Open!

Sign up for the FLAILSNAILS Joust, Melee, or Brawl by emailing metalvsskin at geemale dot calm by 9 am Pacific time Thursday, May 29th. The first pairings will be announced shortly thereafter, and round 1 moves solicited.

The Joust
Equipment costs as follows, and the loser of each round must pay the winner either their actual armor and mount or the value thereof.
Because it's Kalak-Nur, the mounts are actually:

Riding Horse = Riding Beetle
Light Warhorse = Riding Ant (+20 GP for 1 month's supply pheromone pouches to give it commands, +100 GP for one with stinging bite)
Medium Warhorse = Giant Spider (+100 GP to get one with intact web glands, +200 GP for one with intact poison glands)
Heavy Warhorse = Trained Wasp (+300 GP to get one with intact wings)

These have no mechanical benefits during the joust above that of the equivalent horse, but may have such when retained after. All mounts may be sold back to the Merchants' Guild of Targenmoor after the Joust is over.

The Brawl and Melee
These will likely take place via hangout on Saturday, May 31st, pacific time US. Sign up at the email above, and I'll try to coordinate a time that works for everyone.
The Brawl is bare-handed, no magic, the Melee is no hold barred everything and the kitchen sink.
Maps of the grounds for each and specific rules will be posted later this week.

The Market
Let me know what your character would like to buy, and if applicable, what book's equipment list it's from.
If your character has magic items they'd like to sell to the Black Veil, let me know in the G+ post!

Other Delights
A ticket to submerge oneself in the Pits of Change to the west costs a mere 200 GP. Be careful what you wish for, though!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Grand Bazaar of Targenmoor Approaches!

(what is this? FLAILSNAILS Joust and market, coming May 24th - 31st.)

GREETINGs, MOST BRAVE AND HONORABLE ADVENTURERs, and all those which happen through the most gracious twistings of fate to read this INVITATION!

Blind Aliya, chosen of Fate, seeress and prophet of Targenmoor, has seen that the great goddess of trade Famat-The-Veiled will bring profit for all this year!

MARKET: Many vendors from many lands! Your PC can buy or sell nearly any item (magical items will not be for sale, but PCs may sell those already owned as detailed below).
PLUS: Massages! Spa treatments! Instruction in any trade! Spiritual Guidance!
(I will create a daily post for selling/buying/haggling.)

SELL YOUR MAGIC ITEMS: The Black Veil, powerful sisterhood, protectors of all, secretive but just, will be present to pay top gold prices for your magical items! Prices paid will be GP equal to the XP value for the item (or closest equivalent) in the 1e AD&D DMG. Magic-ish items (high tech, special make, etc) will be accepted as well. These items will not be for resale or trade. 
A 5% tax may be incurred by the newly formed Magic-User's Guild.

XP for GP: One gains XP at the market by selling things for GP. Mundane items you get 1 XP for every 2 GP you get for selling (so, half XP). The ratio is 1:1 for magical, high tech, mastercraft, and otherwise special exceptional items.
(So if you sell a normal sword and get 10 GP for it, you get 5 XP as well. If you sell a magical sword and get 1000 GP for it, you get 1000 XP as well).
You may only gain 1 (one) level during the entirety of the Grand Bazaar. 
The only exception is if you begin less than 100 XP from gaining a level, and participate in multiple events.

THE JOUST: A play by post Joust available to any FLAILSNAILS-compatible character will happen over the week above, using the rules developed by Mike D for +FlailSnails Jousting Field . (click anywhere before the word "for" to see the rules PDF. Sign up will be by email, will be detailed in a post next week).
"We, the governors of the Merchants' Guild of Targenmoor, have heard of this exciting contest of strategy and strength from other lands, and would be delighted at such a bold display here. Dame Takahashi Narue, a knight from another land and deeply familiar with these matters, has agreed to be the Tourney Master."


THE BRAWL: A hand-to-hand competition in the abandoned temple to Vanamanaghor will take place. No items or armor, all must wear approved clothing and carry nothing into the temple. When one has been struck 5 times with the fist of another, one is out. The scoring otherwise will be made clear soon. Will the victor win by stealth and trickery, or bravery and stoutness? (Striking another= 1 pt, landing the 5th blow on another = 1 pt, etc)

THE MELEE: Similar to The Brawl, but all equipment, items, and magic are allowed. This will take place around the Tower of Gh'an Gh'ast, to the south of the city and bordering the Frozen Lands. Do not be alarmed at the Sahuaguapede presence; they are savages, but deeply enjoy seeing trials of combat. (rules similar to Warlords of Vornheim)

MECHA JOUST: Strange, large machines that look like men have appeared to the West of the city! We understand they are from a land called Tartary. A wise and humble woman from that land will train in their use for a mere 1000 GP. Any who desire to fight each other using these machines is welcome to arrange a time and place, and is guaranteed an audience. Training is not required, although encouraged. (This could be done play by post Joust style if needed)
Several merchants from Tartary will be present, selling customizations for these dread machines.
(more in this in a coming post - help me +Richard G ! )

BETTING ON ALL THE ABOVE EVENTS IS ALLOWED. Official Targenmoor bookies will be available if wanted.

Setting news:
In his great and terrible wisdom, the Witch King Mocata has determined that we humble citizens are safe from the threats of magic and necromancy. He has stepped down from policing the use of magic to return to his studies.
In his place, a newly formed Magic User's Guild, headed by Archwizard Valentine McGee, has been handed control of Mocata's organization and goat-man army. We expect to hear much of them in the future! Their goat-man soldiers will be present to protect the safety of Bazaar-goers, and enforce the 5% tax on magic item sale.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Secret Santicore 2013 PDFs Back Up

Dropbox disabled all shared links due to a security thing (people worried about a file's security shouldn't be using Dropbox anyway, but I digress...)
Eventually, I'll get my own website for art stuff and put Santicore in the back door, but for now, here are new links.

Secret Santicore 2013 Volume 1: Advice, Character Generation, Spells, Rules, Deities

Secret Santicore 2013 Volume 2: Treasure & Magic items, NPCs, Places, Encounters