Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Magical Mishaps and Strange Items, Because Reasons

Magical Mishaps
In cases where the effect was triggered by a spell, the lower number indicates the caster; the higher is the target. Where the effects do not refer to a spell or time limit, they are permanent until Remove Curse is cast upon the person affected.

1-2        Now fears what most desired at time of casting
3-4        next spell cast or attack made affects all in a 40ft path (only the very next, no further effect)
5-6        is Mirror Image-ed as the spell
7-8        is now holding a strange and wondrous new item
9-10      the two kiss, sacrificing all actions this round; person indicated is smitten
11-12    begins crying until calms down (~10 mins); DM knowledge-anyone touching tears is Charmed
13-14    bleeds small puppies; cannot be magically healed.
15-16    now sees beautiful spirits inside everything; is never alone, cannot bring self to kill
17-18    grows horns, tail, and forked tongue; will not be believed for one week (can convince people true things are not by asserting them; companions present may be excepted)
19-20    1-2 Sunlight or 3-4 Darkness pours from orifices

Strange Items
The Iron Skull of Abaddon - If the incantation etched on this iron skull is translated and spoken while the skull is bathed in blood, a horse with a crowned human head, women's hair, lions' teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion's stinger will form around it and torment for five months anyone present who does not have a protective rune, etched in the skull's mouth, branded on their forehead beforehand.

Mirrors of Friendship - Anyone gazing into one of these small hand mirrors can see and hear out of the other. 

Eminent Practical Guide of Much Breathless Happy Obsidian Plate for You - This 10in x 7in obsidian plate is activated by pressing a fingertip-sized depression near the bottom. At this point a manic, cute, breathlessly enthusiastic guide will appear in the plate and deliver a monologue of information about whatever the other side of the plate is facing. The scope, reliability, and detail of this information varies widely. The guide will respond to all questions with shallow pep talk and flattery, but will not deliver additional info or answer questions.

Gem of the Eternal Companion - when pressed to the forehead of a freshly fallen companion, this gem captures their soul. The companion so captured can manifest henceforth within 20ft of the gem as an audio-visual illusion, communicating, observing, but not attacking. Spells known before death that do not require a physical body to cast may still be cast by the captured soul. 
Once per day per [level at time of death], the captured Eternal Companion may cast one of the following: Comprehend Languages, Locate Object, ESP, Detect Invisibility, Read Magic, Message, Identify, Detect Magic. (IE If the dead soul was third level, they could cast three of the spells from the above list each day).
The soul is destroyed if the Gem is, and the person whose soul is captured or destroyed thus cannot be raised from the dead or Resurrected by any means.


  1. I will be putting these all into effect post-haste.

    1. Hooray! One more possible entry for the chart:
      Appears to explode in a flaming shower of gore. Is actually Invisible and Silent for 5 minutes.