Friday, September 13, 2013


Or, as the common joke goes, Hassle-i-tudes!

What is the One Kingdom of Thee Great Land of Lak Arkun?
Lak Arkun is the setting of a new game I will be soft-starting with these events, and running regular sessions starting in October. It is a combination of Pendragon and After the Bomb. I thought this was an original idea, then I searched a couple terms and saw Zak S proposing it months ago on G+. OH WELL. It'll be some version of FLAILSNAILS light.
The One Kingdom is the political name of the Kingdom of Logres in this setting, that ruled over by Artan, Beaver King, the anthropomorphic beaver equivalent of King Arthur. It's where Camelot is.
The Out Isles culture in the Pendragon book has been replaced with that of Feudal Japan.

Wikipedia says: "Hastilude is a generic term used in the Middle Ages to refer to many kinds of martial games. The word comes from the Latin hastiludium, literally "lance game"'."

This event, as noted in the title of this post, is to celebrate the coming of Fall and a break from the heat, and to commune and joy in each other as we enter the dark days of Winter. NOW! TO SPECTACLES!

All events are open to all FLAILSNAILS PCs as "visiting knights".

No magic items. Using the rules from the FLAILSNAILS Tourneys last year. Play By Post. Horses/"lances" provided to those who are not able to provide/buy them for themselves, but uh, you probably want a better one than the pro-bono version. (horses tire and stumble, lances break...)

Open to the first six FLAILSNAILS PCs or native knights that sign up. Run using Warlords of Vornheim rules over G+ hangout. If there's time, there will be a second one. Free-for-all combat.

A team of 5 PCs prepares the terrain and themselves to prevent single warriors from crossing the bridge and gate into the Tower of Mardun (a little-used tower King Artan has declared for the purpose). Challengers attempt to cross, winning glory if they succeed, and mockery if they fail. The team of 5 will get terrain info beforehand to prepare for a few days over G+ posts, then the event will be a hangout. Knights should sign up either as Tenans, that is, a team of 5 holding terrain, or Venans, challengers. First team of 5 to organize themselves and sign up as a team gets the spot. Hopefully we'll have time for many Venans to make the attempt.

A single brave warrior prepares terrain and arms himself to defend a mock castle against team(s) of 5 attackers. Much like the above, with the numbers reversed. The single warrior will get days to prepare, then the event will be over hangout.

All those violating the One Kingdom's laws and Those Laws ov Chivalry during these events will be fought to their doom by such Knights as volunteer themselves for that task. Sign up your Knight beforehand to volunteer to dispatch such cowardly villains. (logistics to come.)

Magic is rare in the realms of Lak Arkun, but not unknown. However we hear it is utterly rampant in other lands. During these brief weeks when the walls between worlds are so thin, we wish to see wild displays of your magical talent! (Still working this one out - I'd like to do it over play-by-post, but still hammering out details. Might be a series of short hangouts. Magical equivalent of the Joust- winner of each duel goes to the next bracket.)

SIGN UP YOUR KNIGHT/MAGIC-USER FOR YOUR CHOSEN EVENTS ASAP!! The deadline is Sunday, September 22nd, but the sooner you sign up, the better. The Joust begins Monday, September 23rd. Other events may happen before that, we'll see how quickly things fill up. The Magical Duel will close the proceedings.


-a preexisting FLAILSNAILS character's stats and items, non-item related weirdness, spells, and two magical items you will have on you during events that allow them. Sneaking magical items into the Joust is possible, but those so discovered to do so will be duly punished in Trial By Combat.


-your thoughts or unformed enthusiasm for a native Knight. We'll hangout to walk through making it at some point, or do it over private messages if you have both Pendragon and any of the Palladium TMNT/After The Bomb books with stats for making mutant animal characters.

(For native Knights during and regular sessions after THEE HASTILUDES are over I'll be incorporating Character Gen elements from Beyond the Wall, ideas from Bushido, and setting elements from Tenra Bansho Zero. Obviously I'll be using Mutants in Avalon too.
From the Player end, you'll be making a basic AtB/TMNT mutant animal, then layering a Pendragon character on top. Characters can be from different Kingdoms/cultures, they'll just be Ransom Knights - IE Knights on foreign exchange sent to make sure Kingdoms maintain diplomacy with each other.
I'll be posting about this more, either here or on G+. I'll have a character gen session some time in the next few weeks.
Do not be fooled, you may be playing a talking potentially psychic animal, but I am going to be running this shit seriously and death will be all around.)

Comment or ask questions on G+ here.

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