Tuesday, November 5, 2013

State of the Santicore

Someone was worried about this year's Secret Santicore since I hadn't said anything in awhile, and I'm like WTF man I just didn't want to bore everyone, but maybe I should give a quick update.

I haven't been talking about it as much, since the only exciting thing going on is how awesome all the entries are. We're still getting in a few entries from people who had extenuating circumstances delay them. The Handlers are awesome. I've gotten some great advice and offers of help for making the whole thing a PDF.

* Basically: Santicore is rolling on, doing great, still on schedule to be released before December 23rd. Hopefully more like December 15th, but I can't say that for sure. *

There are a few people who've dropped off the face of the Earth, and attempts to contact them are coming up short, but I think it's best to deal with that privately
If you haven't been in touch with anyone and haven't turned in your Secret Santicore submission, please contact me or a Handler ASAP and let us know what's up.
The Handlers and I will fulfill any orphaned requests if we haven't heard from the people fulfilling them starting Friday.

Minor updates will be shared by me to my gaming circles and +Santi Core publicly, except this one. Major updates will be on my blog, like this one! Except this is a minor update. Sometimes one of Santicore's Elves may share an update, which is totally cool.

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