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Return to Kalak Nur Session 3 follow up

Return to Kalak Nur Session 3 follow up

The below assumes it's been about 11 hours. Your escapades ended around 3 AM.

2050 XP each (if this would take you up more than one level, go to 1 xp below the second level you would have gained)

From what you can find, Mocata had 35,672 GP on hand in coins. Kalak-Nur is a somewhat cash-poor place, so this would keep the stronghold intact and goatmen fed for another 6 months if left alone.
Tell me how much you take. 

Sir Ward and Blixa wake up covered in little bumps. They feel like little objects under the skin. Your bodies will flush them out in another 12 hours. 

Q-Bot has trouble seeing for a day.

164 intact ruby spikes, worth 300 GP each. You'll get XP for these when you get them to a place to sell them or find a buyer. The Grand Bazaar of Targenmoor is in a month.
4 Giant Khopesh. Takes STR 16 or more to wield, -2 to hit for every point of STR below that. 2d8 damage. (Value as masterwork greatsword)
2 Anti-Magic Orbs individually like a scroll with three Dispel Magics (lvl5) on it, together like a scroll with one Anti-Magic Shell (lvl12) on it
1 Anti-Magic Orb like a scroll with two Dispel Magics (lvl5) on it (the other one this guy was holding broke/was expended
4 Stone Killer Spears STR 14 or more to wield, 2d6 damage, destroys armor it pierces, can pierce stone twice

Salvaged Robot Modules
Q-Bot can add ONE of the following, or swap one he's got for another:
Welding Torch: sheds light as a torch, 1d6 damage on a melee hit, can weld 1 ft of metal per 5 rounds.
Battle Droid: Attacks advance as a Fighter (+level to hit) in Melee or Ranged. If you roll this again, have both.
Independent Limbs: Your may detach your limbs from your body and operate them independently. Your arms cannot see and your head cannot walk or anything like that, but sticking your head on your arm might get a functional you into some tight places. (If you roll this again, each limb has some form of sensory input equivalent to very dim lighting that is relayed to the Droid PC’s brain.)

-Santos Christo: Hooray! You have saved the legendary adventurer. His age is catching up to him, and he must leave in a hurry, though. His tribe has a moot, some sort of singing thing determined by the position of the other planets. He is very grateful, and will return after if you want. You can ask him questions before he  goes.

-Augustus Grantz is terrible at being Mocata. He has the face and accent, and that's about it. He's playing along, but clearly wants to get lost in a lab with a staff working under him. He's interested in robots and rockets, not leading a semi-military organization. You've got a week or so to figure something out before the goat-men and dog-men rebel.

-The mansion/barracks is 3 stories above ground. There are lushly appointed quarters for "Mocata" and guests, sparser quarters for the 200 or so goat-men and 45 dog-men stationed here, and several guest-rooms and studies. You've got the run of the place for now, as "Mocata's Elite Guard" or whatever, but see the info under Augustus Grantz above.

-The Dungeon is 3 stories, from what you've seen. The inner circles are: 
--top: magic-users being kept barely alive and slowly drained of blood in weird harnesses
--middle: vampires being fed the blood from the magic-users, in different harnesses, their entrails regularly dumped into some device and fed below
--bottom: the wreckage of two spaceships that had been combined into a device of obscure purpose, covered with a techno-organic virus. A pile of rotting ruby crabs. A harness into which a viscous liquid pumps, and a growing hum can be heard. Not hard to figure out this is what the processed magical blood and entrails is being fed in to, although what it is turned in to before going into these tubes and what the harness did is unclear.
----There's a passage to a cavernous chamber, several stories high. On the ground is a shape is traced in salt, a shape you can't quite describe. It hurts to look at. Inside the shape is a metal foot 15 feet high, what looks like several chunks of buildings made of odd materials, and other inscrutable metal objects. Let me know if you go inside the shape or otherwise disturb it.
The outer rings are hallways of cells, switchbacks, secret control rooms, conduits the size of a halfling or so, some hidden as well. You do not have control down here. There are signs that creatures still pass through. There are goat-man corpses that have been half-eaten. The cells you can get to safely all seem sealed still, though, and full of weird creatures.

Reports from the Dog-man Captains:
-"The matter of concern down below has gotten worse. I had just increased all prison patrols to a minimum of three guards before we lost contact with the spider-goat platoon. Your reticence to discuss the events when you went down there prevents my full ability to carry out my duties, but I have faith in your wisdom.
Unfortunately, one of our brothers lost in the attack had just reset all the passcodes. We'll need your memorized master list."

-"Patrols of the mountain to the West of the stronghold have been reporting strange movements in The Westlands. This morning, our patrol was attacked by zombies for the first time in over a year. The unthinking undead took them by surprise, almost as if some party had placed them strategically. I await your instructions for the afternoon patrol."

-"A messenger creature of some kind was shot down by an outer patrol, heading North. Having reviewed your picture-books of creatures from other realms, it seems to be some poorly constructed mutant combination of a pigeon and a bumblebee, although there are tech components of unknown nature or function. A human eye was removed from it's side, and a tiny box and indecipherable note were recovered. They are included in the sack accompanying this report."

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