Thursday, April 10, 2014

Strategies of Rust and Lime (for Nornrik)

With my eyes of rust and eye of lime, I am given to multiple visions. My ear of rust hears whispers, my ear of lime shouts.

Lime is active, sustaining (ask a sailor), flavoring, sour; it infiltrates the senses. Or is that Lime, cementing, adhesive, reacting?

Rust corrodes, expands, is patient; it can mar the outer while protecting the inner, or keep wearing away until there is nothing. I have heard it said that fire is only rust, sped up.

We have tried to be fire, and had failures and limited recent success. Yet some of those elements which, in reaction, make our cement have been extracted, captured. Thus far we have been conflating goals, squinting at the forest. Let us separate our elements, then combine them again to be stronger.

First, lime. Then, rust.

1. Retrieve our fallen. Send in those of us who are especially sneaky, made invisible, to find our captive friends and get them out.

If anyone has a small item of large power that could fit into the compartment in my arm and be of use freeing our friends, I will get myself captured. I can produce darts from my flesh and need no weapons.
Those particularly skilled in open combat should be attacking the outside while this rescue mission occurs, to distract the enemy forces. At this stage it should be conducted in a way so as to cause the most distraction with the least loss on our side.
A secondary priority of the hidden group should be to find any place the true names of the demons may be recorded inside. This group is not to engage; get prisoners, get true names, and/or GET OUT!

The demons seem reluctant thus far to leave the castle.

2. Destroy our enemies. Once the sneaky group returns with our companions, we become free as well - to wreck the most havok possible. We have such magical might at our command, it makes more sense to try and cause structural damage and bring the place down upon the demons therein rather than try to engage in direct combat.

Let us be quicklime reacting with water; let us be rust sped up.

After this we can go in and execute survivors and take what is owed us.

-Bascomb Blightchurch, Agent of Rust and Lime

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