Friday, June 13, 2014

Kalak-Nur Magic Items

Some items from G Plus posts I haven't put here yet, or have updated.

Leeching Orb - When the effect of a spell or magic item is used on the holder of this orb, the effect happens as normal, but the caster or item then makes a saving throw. If failed, further charges of the item or spells from the caster's brain are absorbed by the Leeching Orb until a save is passed or 5 charges are absorbed. This process will continue even if the holder of the orb throws it from their person. When 5 charges are absorbed, the Leeching Orb discharges as a Chain Lightning directed away from the orb as if cast by a 5th level Magic User. The orb is then destroyed. 

Blaster - 1d6+1 damage,1d6+1 shots left before needing recharge when found; otherwise as hand crossbow with no reload and fastest weapon speed.

Laser Sword - ignores non-tech/magic armor; 2d4 damage; -4 to hit; fumble on 1-4 causing damage to wielder; reduce penalties as follows - roll d4 at each use, on a 1 penalties are reduced by 1

Segmented Chain Whipsword - -2 to hit, 1d6+2 damage; on an 19+ to hit can ensnare opponent's weapon instead of damage and disarm on opposed STR roll; on 20 crit can ensnare opponent's limb; if maintains hold 1 round (opposed STR) can sever; 5% chance of breaking checked at the end of each combat used.

True Seeing goggles ( but charges are expended per creature/thing seen

electro-arrows - d6 normal dmg, d6 electricity dmg, save vs or be paralyzed d6 rounds on a hit

 "torture daggers": -1 to hit, 1d3 damage, victim must Save VS Paralysis or writhe in agony, getting -3 to next action.

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