Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In-vest-igator (race for old school games)

+1 to STR and INT
-2 DEX
Save and progress as: Half-Orc or Dwarf
Natural AC: 6 or 14

The In-vest-igator was obviously created by some mad bastard wizard intent on driving people insane by making all his bad puns real. It resembles an alligator wearing a vest. They often wear glasses and a thoughtful look. Their limbs are slightly longer and more flexible than an alligator's of equal size, although not as long or flexible as a proportionate man's would be. They are as clever as humans, if not moreso, and often enjoy solving mysteries.
They cannot use any weapon that requires two hands to use, and cannot wear armor unless it was specifically made for them. They can make a patchwork makeshift armor from several suits not made for them, but only good enough to improve their AC by 2.
Special Abilities:
Submersion: An In-vest-igator can submerge itself underwater for 20 minutes while swimming or moving, or several hours if lying still. They breathe air, but can hold their breath for long periods. This also can protect them from inhaling gas attacks, if they can enter this state before the gas hits them.
Jaw Grapple: An In-vest-igator can bite for 1d4 damage, and may make a STR +2 roll to hold prey in it's mouth. A creature caught this way makes a STR-1 check to escape.
Death Roll: If it's tail is free and unhindered, the In-vest-igator may make a Death-Roll, spinning and convulsing wildly to tear off bite-sized chunks of any creature it holds prone in it's mouth (see Jaw Grapple). This does 1d8 points of damage to the creature held in it's mouth for every half level (IE 1d8 at level 1, 2d8 at levels 2 and 3, 3d8 at levels 4 and 5, etc). If the held creature is wearing metal armor, the damage is done to the In-vest-igator instead.
I've got it! - In-vest-igator players/PCs get a point every time they solve a mystery, find out a piece of information someone was trying to hide, solve a riddle, figure out a puzzle trap, etc. They may expend these points as Luck in systems that use Luck, or as bonuses to solve similar types of mysteries (if in doubt, assume they can add +1s to INT, WIS, or CHA rolls as the DM deems appropriate). These points are extinguished when used, and may be added to a roll cumulatively.


  1. I thought we were supposed to hate this.

    1. I was overjoyed at the positive reaction! It's one of those moments when you realize that the things you fear but keep writing anyway are the things that people will like.