Thursday, August 23, 2012

In-Vest-Igator (Old School Hack remix)

~@§  The In-Vest-Igator  §@~

Created by a mad wizard intent on giving flesh to his awful puns, you are an intelligent alligator with a permanent vest and tend to stand on your hind legs and investigate mysteries. You often speak very properly and try to show others the clue or perspective they might have missed.

inherent: Underwater Lurker, Natural Curiosity
Being an altered alligator, you retain the ability to hold your breath for 20 minutes if moving, and several hours if lying still. You can see and move silently in water. You can speak to most natural animals. Your starting Awareness OR Brawn bonus is increased by one.

limitation: Feared
Inside, you are as intelligent and civilized as humans or elves, if not moreso, but what people see before the vest, pipe, and monocle (or pince-nez) is a great big alligator lumbering around on its hind legs. Unfamiliar folks may flee at top speed or poke you with sharp sticks - or worse, attempt to feed you rotting meat.

--available talents----- (pick one at first level)
CAST-IRON STOMACH constant ability
You can eat pretty much anything. You can retrieve it later if you're willing to get your hands dirty. You always have a Light weapon, even if you've been disarmed, thanks to those sharp teeth of yours.

JAW GRAPPLE useable once per arena
You attempt to Impede a creature with a +2 bonus. If successful, they are immediately Cornered. If you succeeded by more than their HP, they are at -2 to hit their following attack.

TOUGH SKIN constant ability
Your Armor Class is as if you were wearing Light Armor, even when you are wearing none. You still get the Awesome Points for fighting unarmored. If you wear armor, this ability has no effect on your Armor Class.

SWAMP DASH focused action, useable after rested
You move double the normal amount, and get a +2 to any ability checks the DM requires to move to/from the area. If a creature has Impeded you, instead of the above, you may Counter Attack and then Move your normal amount.

ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR non-combat talent, useable once after rested
You get a +2 to rolls related to detecting lies, clues, hidden things, or leads. If a situation requires multiple successes, you can gain one automatic success instead of the +2 to a roll. If solving a puzzle, you may use this ability to get an extra hint from the DM that only your character knows. Once your character believes the puzzle is solved, she must demonstrate or explain the solution in dramatic fashion.

starting equipment
A vest you cannot take off, a monocle or piece-nez, a pipe and smoking material, a travelling tea set, some biscuits, a magnifying glass or jeweler's eyepiece, wineskin, cheese, a comically tiny folding stool, odd trinkets and figurines, travel editions of several books, and a bunch of dead fish in a leather pouch.

1st   [x] Bloated Bloviator
2nd [  ] Curious Cat
3rd  [  ] Scaly Sleuth
4th  [  ] (what it says up there on the tin)