Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Save Game Spots" for old school D&Dish Games

Slo-shift Spot-Clone Quantum Rings

Occasionally in one's wanderings, one will come upon these glowing rings upon the ground; usually, however, they have already been discovered. The knowledge of their location and that location itself are often well guarded.
Marked by the unnatural evenness of the old technology, these glowing rings cause a tingling and feeling of unease.
To activate them, a living being must step inside. If a cluster of them is found, they will not activate until all rings present are filled, one living being to each. At that point a bright flash will encompass all.
If any who were in a ring when activated were to later die, a perfect reproduction of that person when inside the ring will then step forth from it, no matter how much time has passed. Should their companions be far away, this could be very dangerous indeed.
The reproduction has no memory of what has occurred since being in the ring, and the ring must be re-activated for the effect to happen again.
These reproductions are imperfect, however...
-From the "Chronicles of Kalak-Nur", by Scion Naz

When all rings found (1d6) are occupied, make a copy of the character sheet of any characters inside one. If multiple characters crowd in, the ring will affect a random one. Characters can "Take turns" - a single ring can store multiple templates.
That copy of the character sheet is preserved until the character dies. Then, the copy is a character sheet for a new instance of that character, who steps out of the ring exactly as they were when effected - except for the below.

Subtract one from the result on this table for each character the ring is currently storing.

-2. roll three times
-1. roll twice
0.  subtract 1d10 HP, permanently (if this would put the character below 0, the new clone is unconscious for 1 hour then has 1 HP; make a random encounter roll for the hour)
1. cannot hit with melee attacks, permanent
2. if spellcaster, cannot cast spells; if not, cannot hit with ranged attacks; effect is permanent
3. -1d6 to a randomly selected ability score
4. no change
5. no change
6. is now a humanoid version of a randomly selected animal
7. is now a child
8. is a random other race that the DM allows PCs to be
9. reroll HP from scratch
10. reroll randomly selected ability score from scratch
11. -1 to all rolls in sunlight/moonlight
12. -1 to all rolls outside of sunlight/moonlight

Optionally, the DM may allow the player to forego rolling on this table by having the clone emerge with no equipment or clothing of any kind.

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