Monday, November 12, 2012

Results of Hanging Out With the Goblins for a Week (a Kalak-Nur d12 table)

My take on the Dungeon Dozen...
In the Western lands of Kalak-Nur, diminutive green guys that live in autonomous working collectives fill the role that maybe Dwarves/Gnomes/Halflings do in other worlds. Yes, these are Socialist Goblins for Hire. Most of the collectives are in the employ of Victarion, maintaining the tunnels by which his automatons deliver food to and collect payment from Kalak-Nur's starving masses.

Results of Hanging Out With the Goblins for a Week...d12, or two d6 tables (one for social reactions, one for mechanical)

1. You don't know what you did, but you offended someone. This group considers you a blasphemous outsider from now on, and may spread that reputation to other civilized settlements.

2. You overstayed your welcome; the last few days have been super-awkward and this group will treat you like a stranger next time they see you.

3. You accidentally got engaged to a member of the collective; they are all abuzz about the wedding and your "initiation rituals". 

4. They cheerfully ask for tuition for the "lessons" they have "taught" you in the past week.

5. General good feeling; you've made some pals, and this collective will remember you favorably.

6. As 5 but a cult, secret from the rest of the collective, has kidnapped you for initiation.

7. Prolonged exposure to magical radiation gives you ONE reroll on any failed saves VS level-drain, aging, and ability-score drain. Wears off after awhile if the DM says so.

8. Prolonged exposure to magical radiation gives you a +1 to saves VS poison and death.

9. Their food tastes terrible, but it's had an effect on you; the next time you level up, you get max HP for that level.

10. You have done them a boon; they give you 1d4 x 10 gp worth of gems or basic supplies.

11. You encountered and tamed a large Mind-Eating Beetle; you can ride it if less than 5' tall.

12. They have given you a Magitek item found while you were out helping them do some work!

EDIT: added some language noting that this table refers to the Western Goblins of Kalak-Nur. The table would be much weirder if someone tried to socialize with the Ice Goblins to the south, for instance.


  1. this is actually a fucking sweet idea, having little location specific down time tables

    1. It's great for forcing yourself to think about what the differences between areas in your campaign are. I am always coming up with tricks to make myself do things I would otherwise be lazy about, but are nifty and rewarding and fulfilling to actually do.
      Inspired by the post on Zak's blog called "How I want to hear about your campaign world" or something.