Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some new spells of the Blood Druid

2nd level

Vomit Snakes- An amount of time is stated during casting; when this amount of time has passed, the subject vomits 1d3 + (1 per caster level) snakes. These snakes will pursue and attack anyone not present at the time of casting. The caster may determine the following: either 1 snake per caster level is poisonous, OR there is a 10% chance per caster level they are ALL poisonous.

3rd level

The Wrong Hallway- This spell creates an area that spans 5' in length and height per caster level. The area lasts 5 minutes per level. Any creature entering the area must save VS spell or spend 5 minutes loudly and violently hacking up phlegm and blood. At the end of 5 minutes they cough up a full sized, skinless buck or deer, which prances away at speed. Creatures of greater level or HD than the caster get a bonus to the save equal to the difference in level.
Over the next night, this buck or deer will transform into the victim's nemesis. The nemesis will resemble the victim, but look wrong somehow. Maybe the colors of their clothes and hair are reversed, maybe they remain skinless, or maybe they have a prominent scar the victim does not. The nemesis will be of equal level and ability as the victim (IE the nemesis has the same intelligence or lack thereof), and want nothing more than to see them in pain. Intelligent nemeses will engage in long term campaigns of emotional torture, snatching victory away at the last minute and making the victim appear foolish (unless the victim in turn foils these plans and outwits his nemesis).
While the area of effect of the spell has a limited duration, the nemesis exists until killed. The caster is not immune to the area's effect. The area has a certain glimmer detectable by those with sensitive eyes and will detect as magical. Compasses will point away from it and natural animals will not enter unless forced. Oddly, magical or intelligent creatures do not have this instinctive aversion. This spell takes one turn to cast.