Saturday, January 5, 2013

Encounter Tables for The Grey Waste of Kalak-Nur & Random Weapons

I used these during the play by post to some extent, but modified the results situationally.

d20 Grey Waste Encounters, roll twice, ignore dupes if necessary
1-3. 3d6 scavengers, 1d4: 1-humans 2-bugmen 3-giant beetles 4-whispering creepers
4-5. cult, 1d4: 1-worship still working part of crashed ship 2-worship local strong personality 3-worship legit deity from another plane 4-worship demon
6-7. 3d6 skeletons, 1d4: 1-armed 2-armed&armored 3-spellcaster 4-wearing your clothes from the future
8. ghosts; roll 1d4 as entry 1-3.
9. looted/burned out caravan, 30% chance survivor hiding in wreckage
10. 1d4 hungry Fire Lizards
11-12. 2d6 Goat Men working for Mocata
13. cargo from crashed ship with intact loot; roll 1d4 then roll 1d12 twice more on Encounters table for this location; 1d4: 1-1d4 "land speeders" 2-1d4 blasters 3-week's worth of food; 30% perishable; 30% intact refrigerated container 4-works of art or other treasure
14. crashed ship, 1d4: 1-In pieces 2-small 3-medium 4-large; if rolled again see # 13.
15. unattended weapon just laying there in the sand
16. Powerful inhuman presence; possibly technological
17. Trading expedition
18. survivors of catastrophe in need of help; roll 1d8 on this chart to find out what's nearby they need saving from
19. If South, lost Sahaguapede; If North, errant Ludo; if middle, intact trading caravan
20. roll again using 1d12

d12 Random Weapons
1. decent sabre; d6 or as medium sword
2. roll again and is of good make, +1 or 3 more charges
3. blaster, 1d4 charges
4. laser sword and dying Sister of the Black Veil looking for honorable person to entrust it to
5. stupidly large anime-scale sword; 1d10 and acts as shield but penalty to all stealth
6-7. standard from LL or LotFP equip chart
8. laser sling, as normal sling but no need for bullets and +1 to hit
9. bola
10. explosive
11. spear
12. laser atl atl, 3 charges

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