Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kalak-Nur Character Generation

+Kalak Nur is FLAILSNAILS, so you can bring in a character and play them according to the rules in the originating campaign. If you make a new character, however...

1. Roll 3d6 seven times, write them down in order§. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA. You've got an extra one, right? You can switch that out with one of the others that you're unhappy with, or not. Whatever number is unused multiplied by 10 is your starting gold. Ability score mods are as follows:
3:       -3                   Most Ability checks are "roll under"
4-5:    -2                   STR gives bonus or penalty to Damage in Melee
6-8:    -1                   DEX gives bonus or penalty to Hit 
9-12:   0                   CON modifies HP, starting and gained at every level
13-15: +1                 INT modifies starting spells for non-cleric spell casters and starting languages
16-17: +2                 WIS modifies starting spells for Clerics 
18:      +3                 CHA modifies starting gold number before it is multiplied by 10
                                WIS+CHA mods +level = total henchmen/hirelings/animal companions possible

2. Pick a Race/Class, roll for HP, write down all the stuff you'll need to know during play like abilities and all that.
-Human: Any Basic (Labyrinth Lord or DnD Basic), Random Fighter / Ranger / Thief, Basic RangerBlood DruidGadgeteerMachine BondedHacker
-Bug Man*
-Mining Goblin*
-Members of any race may become a Bounty Hunter or Beast Master, but take on the abilities of that class instead of their racial abilities.
-Elves native to Kalak-Nur are very very rare, antagonistic to other races, and hide their racial identity while enacting their schemes in human settlements.
-"Aliens" crashed here from other worlds such as "normal" DnD Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Battle Princesses, Mole Men, etc are rare, but exist.

* = coming soon on this blog right here!

3. Spend that starting gold on a Basic DnD or Labyrinth Lord equipment list or use the 3d6 roll on the chart at the bottom of this post then modify the GP from your chart result by your CHA modifier.

4. Figure out where you're from.

-Humans, Bug Men, and Elves can be from anywhere but are extremely rare in the Westlands. Users of any kind of magic tend to hide their abilities in settlements to avoid attracting the attention of Mocata's Justicars, who regulate magic use with an iron fist. Licenses are available for specific uses.

-Fire Lizards keep close to or in the underground, so keep to The Westlands, Targenmoor, Vance, and the mountains to the East when above ground.

-Mining Goblins are mostly found in their collectives underground in the Westlands. Sometimes those who have become orphaned from their collectives are found in larger human settlements like Baksheesh and Targenmoor. They are also found as caravan guards between settlements in the Grey Waste.

-Droids are mostly found working on Victarion's Plantation in the Westlands. How or why some are found as hirelings or adventurers in the Grey Waste and East of there is not really known.

-Bounty Hunters and Beast Masters are found anywhere (but again, rare in the Westlands.)

-Elves are usually found in secret underground organizations fermenting insurrection and making sure diseases spread in larger human settlements.

§Hey man, if you feel really strongly about using the Lab Lord or old school DnD order of Ability Scores, make yourself happy.

What do y'all need to know that I missed?

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