Monday, March 4, 2013

Communitas Monstrum

I asked people to point me at monsters n traps they want me to stat up. They obliged.

+Jensen Toperzer : "This Guy

keep in mind that he's about 20 ft tall and his signature ability is shutting down your spells"
AC 2 or 17; MV 120’/480’; HD 8-12; #AT 4; D 2d8/2d8 & 1d8/1d8; SZ Huge (20ft tall); +5 tH man sized or larger/-5tH smaller or by HD; The 2d8 damage listed is from the two large Khopesh it carries, the 1d8 damage is bare-fisted; instead of using it's two free hands to attack, however, it usually uses them to cast spells as a Magic User of level 5; the third set of hands hold two Anti-Magic Orbs above its head that, when both are held by the same creature, cause a Dispel Magic effect in a 30ft radius. Individually, the Orbs can cast Dispel Magic as an 8th level Magic-User 3 times before losing their magic. The Drone, Magickiller is immune to the effect of the Orbs together, but the effect from just one will cancel it's own spells as effectively as anyone else's.
Immunities: Damage resistance 5 against edged weapons and fire;
Vulnerability: takes double damage from electricity attacks; if air flow is cut off, will enter stasis until restored.
These constructs were built to fight an ancient war to purge Magic-Users from the land; they are animated with the consciousness of a warrior from that time. The intervening centuries have driven them quite mad, except when they are fighting Magic-Users, which gives them clarity and purpose. 
XP: 950

+Mike F requests these two, conceived of by +Scrap Princess with flavor text cut n pasted from her blog+Chris Hales wanted me to stat up a cat pic, so I stuck it in where I thought appropriate :

 The Crime bird.  Its beak is prized as a lock pick, it picks pockets, pillages houses and roosts on stolen jewellery, trading up whenever it can, the lesser stuff stashed in obscure nooks. Why is it not long dead? For one , it voids itself on its stolen goods, imparting a stink near impossible to remove, and secondly its beak, originally evolved to pluck deep borrowing rock worms, will take a eye out faster than you would believe. Lastly and most importantly ; it is a complete and utter cunning shit of a bird.

    AC 7 or 12; MV 10’/360’; HD 1; #AT 1; D 1d4; SA Eye Pluck Save VS Breath or lose an eye; Pick Locks and Pockets at 75%, other Thief Skills at LvL 5; Guano is as Stinking Cloud with 2ft radius; SD Never surprised; SZ S; Int Utter Cunning Shit; AL C; XP 20+1/hp 
    Beak: if harvested and properly preserved, adds +15% to Pick Locks rolls when used as lock pick.

 While certainly small, 4 limbed and mostly bipedal , the piss pixie seems named more as a horrible joke than any other resemblance to its name sake. They are appear to have something of a languid intelligence, but little drive other than sucking up sweet, vinegary or alcoholic dregs, and often fond sleeping instead a vessel used for this purpose, their form extremely rubbery and flexible.
 If menaced they defend themselves by squirting forth a horrible smelling stinging yellow fluid into the eyes of the attacker, and then slither off to hide in some  unplausible gap or nook. They lack a jaw and their face resembles a prolasped anus partially dried in the sun.
There is a uncommon poison, that is odorless and tasteless,  and makes the blood of the drinker smell overwhelming attractive to the piss pixie. They will be able to smell the victim from leagues away and wait to the victim is asleep where they will latch on with their horrible snouts and suck the blood right through the skin, like a hickey of the damned. They will not stop until the victim is bleed dry.

AC 5 or 14; MV 120’/60’; HD 2 ; hp 2-16; #AT 1; D 1-4; SA Stinking Spray range-10ft Save VS Breath or 1d4 DMG and Incapacitated for 20 minus CON rounds; suck blood for 1HP/rd, anesthetizes locally, undetectable to victim; HS/MS at 65%; Can fit into bottles, nooks and crannies as if size Tiny; SZ S; Int Low; AL CN; XP 20+2/hp 

Jensen ToperzerFeb 28, 2013

fuck that stat up the Tyrannosaurus Hex 
 You are insane Wizard and you have an excess of enchantments , scar runes, and  magic tattoo designs. Oh and Tyrannous Rex.
Tyrannosaurus Hexes are what happens when you  use more or less laminate every square centimetre of a T-rex in magic wards. They are extremely dangerous , extremely unhappy and disrupt all magic around them in dangerously and unpredictably ways. Have you seen Holy Mountain ? This is your T-rex right here (the one not talking) THE WHOLE THING IS ON YOUTUBE WHAT ARE WAITING FOR? (watch it from the start after though. Well okay watch that scene with the Timothy Leary parody, then watch it from the start). Hmm maybe they are addicted to eating magic? Nah then it just makes them some kind of Disenchanter monster that seems to only exist to take stuff off the p.cs. Thinking...thinking..
Okay Tyrannosaurus Hex have a marauder phase where they just run around screaming at the new colours and eating people. But after that they realize they are intelligent and conscious and driven by the desire to formulate the fantastic new ways of magic  they can  just about grasp. The T-hex then attempts to study magic and experiment, as best as it can do with a wild magic field ( that it can learn to suppress) two dainty forearms , the mind of apex predator and no formal training what so ever.
Like an Outsider artist if art could blow things to pieces and turn those pieces into spider-wolves. And the artist was a giant bipedal killing machine.


Oh god.
  • AC 5 or 14; MV 150’; HD 18; #AT 2; D 1-6/5-40 (tail/bite); SA 
    30% of the time the T-Hex will be encountered in a frenzy, attacking only with its tail and bite - during this time, any spell cast within 50 feet will interact with its stored magic to produce a Wild Magic Surge (Basic Version); 
    The other 70% of the time, the T-Hex is encountered during a sentient phase, and will attempt to use its stored magic to cast spells like a 1d6th Level Magic User, with a 1 in 6 chance to cause a Wild Surge. The T-Hex in this state can choose whether other casters trigger a Wild Surge or not. These T-Hexes like to use whatever's in the room to make pets to defend itself. Let's say you get "Crab Demon" on that summon generator - that means the T-Hex makes a big crab thing out of dead PCs, the smashed door, and the pile of gold in the room. For instance.
    SZ L; Int 30% Non 70% medium; AL N; XP 6,550+25/hp 

+Chris Hales   Chris HalesYesterday 12:27 AM

  • AC 4; MV 90’ but hates to walk - see below; HD 3; #AT special; SA
    This breed of Bombardier Beetle secretes explosive orbs - each acts as a Fireball spell as cast by 3th level Magic user; The Beetle itself is immune to this, with one exception - it is blown by the blast to the perimeter of the effect. These creatures are sometimes encountered in the wild, propelling themselves along with their explosive orbs or drifting back and forth in "play".  SZ M; Int Non; AL N; XP 125+3/hp.  

I'll leave these two for crowdsourcing, I couldn't think of anything good:
+Joshua Macy   Joshua MacyFeb 28, 2013

How about a portable, easy to set up trap suitable for dungeoneers to carry and deploy against the denizens. I'm thinking something like a bear-trap in a sack, so that it doesn't clank and you could deploy it either with a chunk of meat or something valuable inside sack or on the ground concealed by the sack.

Pearce SheaYesterday 8:54 AMn  +Pearce Shea 

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