Monday, January 20, 2014

The Rumors From Kalak-Nur

I'm going to start running Kalak-Nur FLAILSNAILS games on G+ again!
Every other week, Fridays at 8PM Pacific, 11 PM Eastern, 4 AM GMT, 3 PM Sydney, Australia.
The first game is January 24th, 2014.

Here are the Rumors - response to these will tell me what to prep in detail, but I'll prep a little on everything so you can do whatever.

-Great news! Reports of trade caravan robberies by the many cults of the Grey Waste have dropped considerably! Trade between the Free Cities is stronger than ever. Certain parties, however are interested in the huge dark tower that appeared overnight to the North, then faded days later.

-Some trade caravans and salvage teams have reported feeling watched by strange, insectile eyes and hearing low nonsensical singing from the bleak, endless dunes.

-Traders from all points are hiring guards, as the annual increase in trade to prepare for the Grand Bazaar of Targenmoor ramps up.

-The Ludo, tall and furry, have descended from the mountains and begun singing their yearly song of...well, no one really knows what it's for. Anyway, they're offering a great boon to whoever returns their lost tribesman Santos Christo, gone these many decades. It is thought a certain Sir Ward may know of his whereabouts.

-The Witch King Mocata, His Most Generous Grace who keeps us safe from the scourge of necromancy which decimated the WestLands, has requested the help of professionals with certain skills to discreetly handle a matter his goatman army are unsuited to tackling.

-A scavenger party saw something rather troubling while making a brave excursion into the Westlands. Droids from Victor Victarion's plantation have been rounding up zombies into groups and tying them together to disperse them evenly over certain areas. It is unknown what the purpose of this is, or if Victarion ordered it or is aware.

-The great wreck from the sky which has lain fallow between Baksheesh and Targenmoor these many years has been growing ice around it - although the Grey Waste gets quite warm! The governments of these two cities are concerned and may pay for information.

No one has seen members of the Black Veil for some weeks.
The faith of NICE BOOTS LETS MAKE LOVE, Tyrannosaurus Hex Goddess of Pleasure, Esthetics, War, Chaos, and Confusion has spread wildly, and a faction has split off claiming her true name is NBLML, and that the written out name the other faction uses is blasphemy.

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