Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Secret Santicore 2013 PDFs Back Up

Dropbox disabled all shared links due to a security thing (people worried about a file's security shouldn't be using Dropbox anyway, but I digress...)
Eventually, I'll get my own website for art stuff and put Santicore in the back door, but for now, here are new links.

Secret Santicore 2013 Volume 1: Advice, Character Generation, Spells, Rules, Deities

Secret Santicore 2013 Volume 2: Treasure & Magic items, NPCs, Places, Encounters


  1. Howdy! Know it's been ages, but can the PDFs go back up?

    1. Ah, the 3 volume set for 2013, and the single volume for 2011 are all currently hosted on archive.org. 2017 is here: http://santicore.blogspot.com

      2016 was 'the year without Santa', 2015 was apparently never compiled (but the entries are tagged on that santicore blog above) and 2014 is a three volume set I just coaxed out of an old grognard but haven't yet uploaded to the archive.

      I have found neither hide nor hair of the 2012 book, tho i've been told its 270+ pages long. Still looking for that. Grace & good hunting, gentle...

    2. sorry 2015 is a 5 part set- still working on posting....

  2. heh I liked these work for 2014: