Sunday, August 23, 2015

Evilspeak Encounters

Here is a *SPOILER* full and lazily compiled encounter chart of things in the movie Evilspeak (1981) which is excellent and you should watch it.

1   Powerful priest accompanied by 1d20 guards escorting heretic and 1d20 followers to exile
2. fetus with toad arms/toad with fetus arms
3.  cult priest giving a history lecture
4. military brass petitioning politician for funds
5.  zombie arms burst from walls/floor, holding party in place
6. preserved fetus forcing way out of jar
7.  demonic priest with magic sword
8. teen bullies with darts
9.    ignorant teen with spell book
10 annoying bully that is the son of a local important figure
11. hogs
12 a secretary trying to pry a valuable looking gem off of an evil artifact
13   a computer with a searchable index of rituals and spells
14  a sympathetic cook
15 bullies in animal masks pretending (convincingly) to be evil cultists, actually local youths
16   a computer possessed by an ancient evil priest, demands sacrifices, will lend powers
17 flesh eating hogs
18   a levitating, demon-posessed youth with a vorpal sword
19 a pedophile handyman

20  roll twice

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