Friday, December 7, 2012

1d8 New Magical Items

1. Sideways Rope - 50% chance of 50ft or 100ft. When coil of rope released, will extend full length in front of holder. Can carry 400 lbs. at a a time without being secured to anything. Can be pushed or pulled to rest at different heights.

2. Portable Broom Closet - wooden door handle that, when pressed against a wall and pulled, opens a door to an extradimensional space that is 7 ft tall, 4 ft wide, and 4 ft deep. Some of the space is taken up by standard cleaning supplies. When closed with adventurer inside, the door disappears, but will deposit an adventurer back where they started when opened. There is a chance the closet is being used by extradimensional janitors and will not open; 50% minus 10% per level. There is a 25% chance another adventurer is inside; in this case it will open, but they may be upset.

3. Ethological Entrapment Device - Looks like an elaborate bird cage. When a creature opens the door, it finds itself inside, shrunk to about 3 in tall, with the door closed. The door cannot be openend from the inside. If another creature opens the door from the outside, the creatures will exchange places, returning the original creature to its regular height and freeing it. The bars of the cage cannot be bent, but can be destroyed as a magic item.

4. Packet of Swamp Gas - 2d4 uses. When opened, propels the user away from the opening at four times the speed of a running human. Makes a disgusting noise and smell.

5. Helper Gem - a genie is trapped inside. 50% practical and knowledgeable, 50% breathlessly enthusiastic but will talk around things or instruct user according to certain obscure rules.

6. Diamond Plates - They are usually 1ft by 6 in. When certain runes are traced with a fingertip, the Diamond Plates act as windows to each other, no matter how far apart, carrying sound and image like an open window.

7. The Driving Knife - If used to strike the killing blow on a creature and driven into it's neck, this knife can be used to control that creature's basic motor functions, creating a sort of mount or automaton for the wielder. The creature walks at normal speed, but performs any other action extremely slowly, if at all. The creature's body retains it's strength from life, but no Intelligence. On a creature killed with another weapon, the knife has a 75% chance of failure. The creature's body falls lifeless when the knife is removed.

8. Skull Brassiere - this is a structural garment designed to support the breasts made of two skulls linked by thin chain. Due to the variety of humanoids, the skulls may be of any size to accomodate different sizes of wearer. The protective magic of the item gives the wearer an AC of 15. The skulls must not be covered by anything in order to gain this benefit. Dexterity modifications apply to AC, but the wearer may not combine this item with a full suit of any armor.

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  1. Note: the general idea of the Skull Brassiere is that it improves unarmored AC by 5, so adjust as appropriate to your system's base unarmored AC.