Monday, December 3, 2012

Random Event Table...

...also known as "AHFUCK this room is a little more boring than I planned and a player just yawned and the other one is talking to the NPC that was supposed to be a one liner and SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN!"
There are probably other tables that do this better, feel free to link me to them, but I might need one tomorrow night for my home group.


gravity shifts to a wall or ceiling
next thing PCs touch, biting scarabs fall out in droves

a fist-sized aperture opens
The only way out of the room is...


all doors slam shut, become twice as heavy
coffins rise from floor, hungry vamps float out

a friendly NPC falls dead, dart in neck
a friendly NPC begins speaking with another voice, offering the opposite information

Time outside the room is passing backwards 
til they leave - give them some clue

a hugely fat ethereal goat with smoking eyes begins floating around taunting the party

snakes pour into room - their bite heals
a party member or friendly NPC appears to be gaining bestial traits to others, but not themselves (onlookers save?)

the PCs have stepped into positions where 
participants in a great tragedy stood long 
ago, see through their eyes, save or be 
forced to repeat in present

the PCs hear snippets of conversations from d200 years ago for d100 days

one of the PCs is missing
one of the PCs is doubled

50% chance of a blinding light flashing every turn
 for remainder of dungeon, regain sight in d4 turns

magical Silence for 1d4 turns

PCs can hear all sounds from every part of
 dungeon at once

Entire dungeon can see party through walls for 1 round, PCs know

PCs wake up feeling great outside dungeon, 
no idea how 
they got there, but something’s wrong

Townsfolk arrive, demanding to know where 1d4 NPCs are who were “last seen leaving” with PCs

a sleeping tarrasque rolls over underground, 
is collapsing and will crush PCs 10%/rd +10%/rd
floor opens, ramp to hell, PCs now have to negotiate/fight way out

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